I craved for mangoes and peaches but was given a spread on the supposed waffle sandwich with those fillings

It’s time for lunch again so we went to the neighbor building to buy salad!
Yes, you read it—Salad!
Well, I had a heavy breakfast of fried rice with egg and sausage so I do not deserve another heavy meal.
I bought Chicken Salad but I was craving for some dessert. Hello, Diabetic!!!!
Anyways, I gave in as the Ad of the waffle sandwich overflowing with peaches and mango filling was enticing.
To my dismay, no fruits but just flavored syrup spread! Gone was my P45—around a dollar for that very untruthful advertising.

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A Positive Morning To All

I wish a positive morning to all! It is Monday, anyways. They say that you have to start your Monday right so that the rest of the week will go well also. So, smiles to all!

It is not easy to always get up in the right side of the bed each day. Well, especially when there are pressures in life that you cannot avoid.

So, what are the pressures in life? What are your stressors? Money or the lack of it? The routine that you are already tired of? Household chores? Or maybe just simple discontentment?

As of me, I always believe that it is a CHOICE. Yes, it is my choice. I will not impose to anyone or to you to have that choice to. I do not want to add stress to your life.:) It is just MY CHOICE.

Today, I choose to be positive. Yes, bring back the same ME. I have always been a positive person. There are no excuses why I sulked into some sort of negativity for the past months affecting the people around me and even my job.

I pray that God will guide me in everything that I do and let His Spirit shines on me.

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Hair removal cream versus shaving

I just want to write about a Health Update. Yes, my health updates!
I have a furuncle! Disgusting, is it not? Well, because of shaving, I suppose. It is located at my right armpit area, near my bossom. I had similar conditions in the past especially when my period is nearing and the whole duration of it. This one is different, though! It started from shaving and maybe I had a small cut. I noticed that it was bulging and I just did not mind it for a week. Come Monday, September 21 I felt pain and I needed to go to the clinic. I might go to a surgeon already to drain it. Yikes and Ouch!!!

Today is my seventh day of antibiotics. The pain is gone and the swelling subsided. The furuncle is still here though. Just a small one.

What to do now? Well, I might just use hair removal creams and avoid shaving already.

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Never Give Up

My son is really surprising me all the time. You know, random things that I never expect him to say or do. Like for one, this desktop I am using right now. It belongs to him. One morning, I had some deadlines and my laptop’s keyboard was not working. I tried to open this Computer and to no avail. It is not opening! Well, I kept it sort of a secret as it will definitely ruin our morning.

Come weekend, I saw my husband trying to open this too. According to him, it is only our son who can open this. We let it go and just let it be. True enough, when our son woke up, he went straight to his computer. It was not opening. He did not rant nor became grumpy nor blame anybody for this. He just told us that it happens every time. I asked him what he does about it. He told me, the quote: Never Give Up! Huh? He told me that he just needs to try and try and never give up until this Computer opens.

Today, I tried opening this. After some tension and stress, it opened and I am now writing this post!

Never Give Up!!!!!

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Monday wishes

It is Monday once again! I pray that I will have the energy to do all my tasks. I hope that I am done with all the side effects of the medications that I am taking. I hope that I am not diabetic anymore–if and if it is possible. Anyways, there are really lot of things to do in the office. Oh, God, please help me to prioritize. Give me wisdom. Let me be able to interact with my co-workers with joy and respect. I really wish that I will be able to start the week with a bang. Please bless me with good health, oh Lord.

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I cannot resist

I came accross a electric snake guitar strap and my mind already decided that I will buy it. I will just ask my friend in the States to send it to me. It is a very good buy because there is a current deal that will make me save almost fifty percent! I really love Christmas time! There are so many offerings that I cannot resist. You, cannot resist! By the way, the guitar strap is of course for my husband. I do not have my own guitar yet.

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Activities before I go to sleep

I told myself that I will not eat again after my 7PM dinner but I really lost control again and ate the pancit noodles. Why o why, now I am regretting it and I want to throw up. Anyways, I will just do some activities before sleeping like ironing clothes maybe or cleaning this very dirty computer table. I do not like to go to sleep yet because I am very full and yes, I am quite a fool.

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