Count your blessings

It is the time of year…we should count our blessings. Let us Give Thanks To God!

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Timing of Communicating Something Important

Sometimes it is really very contradictory that a person who works in a communication company lacks skills in communicating.

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Which should come first

I have lots in my mind right now. I want to do tons of things. My house is a mess. I really need to do some cleaning. Maybe that will be my agenda for my first day of vacation. Then I need to take care of myself too. I need a haircut and a pedicure and some facial! I really do not know which should come first. I also need to do some shopping for the birthday of my son. He will be turning 11 this Thursday. Then, I need to work and be good at it or else…

I really want to shout, WONDERWOMAN right now or maybe DARNA!!!!

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Are you a mentor or a boss?

I like chit-chat time after work. You know, talking anything and everything under the sun. You can go from serious to non-sense talks just to have the company of co-workers or to catch up even for just a while before calling the day and off to home.

Yesterday, the conversation was a bit serious about being a Boss or a Mentor. Well, one of my colleagues told us about an incident when his Boss introduced himself as her Mentor and not actually her Boss. Well, it was argumentative as according to her, her Boss was merely an administrator of her DTRs and whereabouts. Ouch! That really hurt.

I handled a few people before. I checked if I were a Boss or a Leader. I got 8/10 IMO….I could say that ye, I was more of a Leader than a Boss.

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For the cute little ones

I will definitely recommend to my brother and his partner. They have around 5 dogs and other pets. They are really enjoying taking care of those cute little creatures. I could still remember one time when one of the dogs got sick and they did not know what to do. The site could really help them in raising their pets. My brother’s partner is a registered nurse as well thus he could really make use of the site.

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Physical and Mental Presence

Well, it is really nice to talk to people. You learn a thing or two all the time! Just like right now… we are attending a gathering initiated by our department and the call time is 130PM. It is almost past two PM and not fifty percent of the total population has arrived! What a sense of time! I am glad that I have here one of my co-workers to keep my sanity. According to him, he learned in College that you should be present an hour or before the call time so that you would be 100% present, mentally and physically! Wise thinking, right?

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The face and the music

When you talk about etude what comes into your mind? Is it music or make-up? Well, certainly both make life brighter, right? Come to think of it, huh! Both are forms of art too. Well, the musician or the music artist? I happen to be both, I suppose. So, I have the etude for music and the etude for my face.

Amazing! It is like facing the music.

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Give him both

Wow! There are excellent ovation guitars that are just eye candy for my husband. Yes, he wants a new guitar and an ovation will do, he told me. Oh, can I just save for it first? I told him to choose between the gadget he was asking for a long time also and the guitar. I wonder what he will choose. I could not help but laugh inside about this. Well, he is having a hard time thinking. Yeah, I am just being cruel. I will give him both.

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Control the passion

Sometimes I think I need to control my passion. I have to be as cool as others. No, not complacent but just keeping things cool. I do not want to be a push over or someone that everybody hates! Well, I am talking about my work. Yesterday, during a technical assessment meeting, I lost control and I somehow accused my co-worker that he is trying to change the solution in not so good way. Anyways, I could not justify my actions by saying that I was just passionate. Maybe I just want to stick to the original solution so that we could move on.

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He buys anything

My husband showed me the new bracelet that he bought online. Yes, he did it again! I wonder why I have not seen a fishman aura bought by him. Well, he is a musician and I guess, he should be investing in those gadgets. Anyways, my husbands shopaholicness is very versatile. I could not comprehend nor converse but he just buys everything that catches his eye.

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