The Letter of Intent

I finally made the first step to leave the department I currently belong to. I passed a letter of intent to transfer to another team. My immediate superior approved the transfer form on the condition that I will be allowed to leave once there is already someone to replace me and I have turned over all my tasks to him. Read:I do not have chance to transfer…. Kidding aside, as per our HR partner, a replacement is going to be hired soon and tentative date is Mid June…

I never thought that transferring to another team will be this hard…I do not want to cause any rift between the two departments… Let the blame be on HR for not acting fast? Well, my LOI was lat March 27… it has been almost two months.

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Deleting more than ten thousand messages

I need the help of techie friends or could i just consult google? Actually, it is the laptop that is not cooperating. Well, i searched for unread messages and it showed ten thousand then i tried to check all and delete all but no response at all! Now, I have to do it by 50s…that what happens when you do not do regular cleaning, huh!

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The one that suits you

This cello buying guide is really useful. We do not buy things at once, right? We look for product specifications. We already know what we want so we will not have a hard time to decide. We just need to check if what we like to buy is in the store based on the qualifications in the cello buying guide. :)

What do you lok for in a cello? Is it the look, the weight, the sound, or the size, maybe? One thing, a cello that will suit you, right?

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My own rock band

It is summer time once again! I have been begging my son to do something else than being with his computer all day and night! Well, he told me to buy custom snares as he wanted to learn how to play drums. Yes, he is not contented with his drum set. Well, he likes something customized and specific to his taste. Oh, well, if that will make him really have another thing to do besides his online games and endless drawing and movie making, so be it! I am excited also because I also like to play drums and put up my own band. Yes, my own rock band!

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forever forty

Happy Easter to all! In other parts of the world, it is still Easter Sunday. In my side of the earth, it is already a Monday morning! After less than five hours of sleep, here I am, alive! Thank You, God!

What did I do the four days that I have been here at home? HOME! They term it staycation? Well, sounds like procrastination?

Anyways, one thing. Yes, Diet again! It is serious this time as I have been experiencing an almost date with stroke or heart attack for quite a few ocassions already. Too much eating ot drinking will just bring me to forever in my 40s!

The day one officially begins!

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Life Update

It has been a month since my last post here? Oh, how time flies.
So, here are some updates about me:
Diet- Epic fail once again! I stopped weighing myself. One thing sure, I am fat and heavier.
Health- Yes, I separated the two, though they are related, right? Health and Diet! Anyways, I have been feeling unhealthy these days. I am experiencing some nape ache. Headaches are frequent as well.
Career- I asked my manager two days ago that I would like to transfer to another team. I pray that I will be able to really MOVE. Well, I lift it all to God.
Spiritual- well, I am a bad one. I know I have not been going to Church regularly. I think I really need to improve on this one also.
Family- well, it is a good aspect of my life. I went out with my siblings last weekend.
Married Life- Hmmm… something I should not publicly share. Hahahaha. Well, one thing, we are good. :)
Motherhood- since I am a career woman, I think I suck in this one also.

There’s my Life Update!

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Next time

I attended a friend’s 40th birthday today! Wow, she had so many visitors. According to her, she invited 40 people. Too bad only a few got gifts for her. I did not have time to buy b1800d from guitar center. Well, it is not that she will use it but she will donate it to their church choir’s band. Their pastor who is a keyboard player was present in the party. There are next birthdays to come anyway. So, I guess, we could still buy other musical instruments or gadgets by then.

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