For the New Boss

What to do with a stradivarius? Well, I need to do some research as my Boss was asking me about it. Maybe he thought that I know about all kinds of music related things since my son is a member of a boy band and my husband sings as well. Me? Well, I can also sing, ahem!

Anyways, I am excited to do my research and eventually buy the item for my Boss. I am new to the job so I must be able to impress him even on simple things like buying a musical equipment online. I think it is easier to do purchases via the world wide web compare to actually going to the department store to do the canvassing and shopping.

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Pokemon Go

I tried Pokemon Go today!!! I was so excited seeing Squirtle at the corner or our living room sitting on my son’s backpack. Well, that instant, I became a fan of the creator of the game. You know, that virtual reality…being a part of it. I imagine a big possibility of having a virtual friend, or virtual everything… Yes, everybody can be a hlogram now. i just could not verbalize it as I am not really a very techy person…welcome me to the digital world!,,,

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For my second Mother

Finally, my Aunt is Home! She is the one that raised me to become a good kid. She instilled in me good values that I am now using in my own life. My Aunt is like a second Mother to me. I feel guilty that I have not expressed my gratitude to her when I had the chance before. Well, she went abroad and I never wrote her a single letter. I was not able to greet her every time in any occasion, birthday, Christmas, Valentine… Now, she is still living far away from my place. Thank you to modern technology that I can easily express how much she means to me. My Aunt is a musician. She plays the piano. She sings too. So, I am planning to give her music books. I know that it is something that she will always do—music. I will really try my best to always show her how much I love her. I know that time is the most important gift that I can give to her. We can sing together using the music books.

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So Ji Sub and Kim Rae Won

It is July 25 already and I have not written anything in this blog for so long. So, what’s keeping me busy these days? KOREAN DRAMAs!

Well, Kim Rae Won and So Ji Sub really entertain me everyday! I almost finished all of So Ji Sub’s Dramas and even movies. I started Kim Rae Won’s works last weekend!

I finished all episodes of DOCTORS and the movie, MY LITTLE BRIDE. I really like to watch  these Korean Stars. The stories are feel good.

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No Dengue but a Carbuncle

I had fever and muscle fatigue and flu like symptoms last Wednesday.

I wen to the doctor and I was advised that I might have caught a common virus.

She wrote CVI in my pink slip.

Thursday morning, I felt better, maybe because of the paracetamol and good rest, if you may call it like that.

I actually slept in the living room–new sofa–like a bed because I was worried that my son might catch the virus. My son sleeps beside me.

Anyways, I went home Thurday night and I noticed some pain on my right leg, frontolateral of my external leg.

I think it is a carbuncle.

I searched again for the term and found out that below are symptoms before carbuncle:

  • itching before the lump appears
  • bodily aches
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • skin crustiness or oozing
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Honing Someone

Well, being a manager or a team lead, you got so much responsibilities if you take it seriously… I am saying this because I have encountered different kinds of leaders. To each his own, they say. Well, yes, it is like being a parent. It is really a big challenge to hone someone. Who am I to judge? I am a parent myself and I know, I am not doing a good job yet. There are so many things to improve on. Yes, I am taking it seriously.

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Benefits of cards

Of the many cards that my husband has collected, he missed one that is very important, the gear card! Well, he frequents the music store almost everyday–from dry shopping to a real one that involves spending, huh! Kidding aside, it is good to have cards dedicated to a particular store or merchant. You are able to enjoy benefits and you monitor your expenses too.

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