forever forty

Happy Easter to all! In other parts of the world, it is still Easter Sunday. In my side of the earth, it is already a Monday morning! After less than five hours of sleep, here I am, alive! Thank You, God!

What did I do the four days that I have been here at home? HOME! They term it staycation? Well, sounds like procrastination?

Anyways, one thing. Yes, Diet again! It is serious this time as I have been experiencing an almost date with stroke or heart attack for quite a few ocassions already. Too much eating ot drinking will just bring me to forever in my 40s!

The day one officially begins!

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Life Update

It has been a month since my last post here? Oh, how time flies.
So, here are some updates about me:
Diet- Epic fail once again! I stopped weighing myself. One thing sure, I am fat and heavier.
Health- Yes, I separated the two, though they are related, right? Health and Diet! Anyways, I have been feeling unhealthy these days. I am experiencing some nape ache. Headaches are frequent as well.
Career- I asked my manager two days ago that I would like to transfer to another team. I pray that I will be able to really MOVE. Well, I lift it all to God.
Spiritual- well, I am a bad one. I know I have not been going to Church regularly. I think I really need to improve on this one also.
Family- well, it is a good aspect of my life. I went out with my siblings last weekend.
Married Life- Hmmm… something I should not publicly share. Hahahaha. Well, one thing, we are good. :)
Motherhood- since I am a career woman, I think I suck in this one also.

There’s my Life Update!

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Next time

I attended a friend’s 40th birthday today! Wow, she had so many visitors. According to her, she invited 40 people. Too bad only a few got gifts for her. I did not have time to buy b1800d from guitar center. Well, it is not that she will use it but she will donate it to their church choir’s band. Their pastor who is a keyboard player was present in the party. There are next birthdays to come anyway. So, I guess, we could still buy other musical instruments or gadgets by then.

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Successful Day 1

It is another day for me. I woke up, I went to the dressing room—yes, I call it dressing room because it is not actually a walk in closet. It was our old bedroom/now storage area/dressing area. There was my weighing scale. Would you believe that I weigh every day? Anyways, I got my heaviest at 84.5kilos. I am worried and at the same time decided that I must get serious with my dieting… You may say…again? Yes, if you would search this blog, there are many posts about my first day of dieting and epic fail, as my son would put it.

So, what happened to my first day of diet—February 17, 2015?

Starting weight: 84.5 kilograms.

I could say that I have half success. I ate all throughout the day. I tried following the 3 day diet and ate half slice wheat bread with two teaspoons of peanut butter for breakfast. I had black coffee too.   That’s the only thing I was able to follow.

It is Chinese New year on Feb. 19 and our Chinese co-worker brought fried tikoy! I indulged! I got hungry thus I ate half of  my tuna sandwich. That was my lunch plus a glass of green tea.

In the afternoon, my friend who I have not seen for a long time dropped by so we had a late afternoon snack of Potato Fries, Fried Siomai, Fried Crablets and Boiled egg for me. I also ate the remaining half of my tuna sandwich.

What’s for dinner?  I was able to reach home by 9:30PM. There was Chicken Afritada and White Rice. I was so tempted. I opened the fridge and drank a glass of cold water and decided to go to bed.

So, I would say that it could pass as a successful Day 1 for me. I did not eat rice. It’s the start.

I woke up today and my weight was 83.9. I lost 0.5 kilo. Not bad? Let us see what will happen today. I need all the luck and all the determination in the world.

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Just another twenty years

So, I am really keeping this blog until my last breath? How morbid, right? Honestly, I am trying to prepare myself for things like that. As they say, all of us will die, right?

Anyways, I always pray for good health for me and my family. I am very specific on my request. Just another twenty years which will be enough for us to prepare our child to live alone.

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Food and supplement

My sister-in-law asked for rowatinex capsules. According to her, one of her friends need some medication for her kidney. She was prescribed rowatinex by her doctor.

These days, we really need to take care of our health. Good thing there are health supplements that can help us do that. We do not get everything from our food intake that is why we need to take supplements.

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Keeping my mind busy

He knows how to make me smile. Well, as I mentioned in my previous posts, I am quite depressed. Well, I really do not have any inspiration about life. Would you believe that I tried studying French language? Well, that’s how depressed I am. I also downloaded brain exercise games. Anyways, I would like to keep my mind busy instead of sulking.

So, I tried checking my blogging accounts and voila! I got some assignments. Another diversion–to write.

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