Budgeting Time as Time is Diamond

I am not really good in Budgeting. Well, Budgeting everything, I guess.
For now, I want to talk about Budgeting Time.
As they say, Time is Gold. I would say, even Diamond! Yes, time is Diamond… or say the most expensive thing of all.

I am actually trying to reflect right now about it.
Yes, I will make a plan from now on and budget that Precious time.

Wish me luck!

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String instruments

We attended the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my Aunt last week. I always look forward to such celebrations as I learn a lot and entertained as well. True enough, her grandchildren rendered beautiful numbers. The kids of her eldest and only daughter performed live! I mean, they sang and played different kinds of music instruments. Yes, like seeing musicians friend acoustic guitars in display. The youngest son of my cousin even played Ukelele and my husband drooled over it. He could tell by the sound of it that it’s expensive. Could it really be that small guitar or the skills of my nephew? Anyways, it encouraged me too to go back to my Banduria. Yes, I think I mentioned in the past that I could play a string instrument as well. :)

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You are already Diabetic and here is a box of Metformin for you

You are already Diabetic. That’s the endocrinologist’s conclusion after seeing my lab results. I tried to deny it. I am still in that stage. Anyways, I was given Metformin. The pharmacist gave me 120 pcs for a 60 day supply. Well, I was given a little hope that if my next lab results will show that my blood sugar has been normalized, the meds can be taken away. So, take one before breakfast and one before dinner. That’s the instruction!

Today, I had my first taste of Metformin, 830AM here in my office time to be exact. What are my plans now? Of course, I want to get out of this phase of my life if I can. It will be a very hard journey as I need to watch everything that I will eat and of course, the EXERCISE thing…I have to do it, at least 30 minutes a day.

Wish me luck, guys!

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The diagnosis is Diabetes

Is it the Diabetes? Yes, I am diagnosed to have high blood sugar. As I have mentioned in my last post, I have not been feeling well lately. The whole month of June until first week of July and actually until now, I feel that I am not in my normal pink of health.

Last June 30, I had my FBS and HBA1C and PPBG2H. Well, the first two said that I am diabetic. Beginning July 1, I have been listing down all the food that I am eating and what I feel after eating. I am very conscious though I am deviating again and bought two bard of chocolates. Not also strict on the rice intake as I still take white. I try to manage though. No more over eating, I guess.

Anyways, I shall meet with the Endocrinologist on July 14, 2015. I hope that he will be able to help me with my condition. I hope that it could still be reversed by modifying my lifestyle.

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Recording my sickness

Yes, I would just like to record here what I am feeling. Well, I feel being strangled of sort or something is stuck in my throat. I need to burp from time to time for me to be able to breathe and feel better or at ease. What could be this? Well, it is almost a month. I really hope to go back to Normal–soon!

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The Letter of Intent

I finally made the first step to leave the department I currently belong to. I passed a letter of intent to transfer to another team. My immediate superior approved the transfer form on the condition that I will be allowed to leave once there is already someone to replace me and I have turned over all my tasks to him. Read:I do not have chance to transfer…. Kidding aside, as per our HR partner, a replacement is going to be hired soon and tentative date is Mid June…

I never thought that transferring to another team will be this hard…I do not want to cause any rift between the two departments… Let the blame be on HR for not acting fast? Well, my LOI was lat March 27… it has been almost two months.

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Deleting more than ten thousand messages

I need the help of techie friends or could i just consult google? Actually, it is the laptop that is not cooperating. Well, i searched for unread messages and it showed ten thousand then i tried to check all and delete all but no response at all! Now, I have to do it by 50s…that what happens when you do not do regular cleaning, huh!

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