One of his fans

Power it on with cool roland psa-120s! Well, that’s what my husband said when I asked him about the adapter. :) I asked him if we can use it on our phones for charging. According to him, gadgets! Musical gadgets like pedals and all. I always ask my husband when it comes to music. Well, he is the man to ask. He loves music. Last night, he went to his choir practice. He volunteered to play the guitar though he is also a soprano. Me? Well, I am just one of his fans.

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The importance of having the same point of views between husbands and wives

I am writing based on emotions right now so maybe what I would be writing here are not really what I think? Anyways, I guess, it would still make sense.

I am a wife and I would say that I am a submissive one. I love my husband very much and he is the reason why I live this life. He and my son are the reasons why I wake up every morning. They are the reasons why I go to work.

Lately or maybe all throughout our married life, I am noticing that we have more arguments. We have different point of views over so many things. Sometimes we fight. Just like right now, he went out because we fought. The reason of our argument? I do not like to divulge since I think it is really shallow. I must admit though that I somehow hurt him with my words. Well, sometimes he hurt me too but maybe he is not aware of it.

Anyways, I will just pray for it and maybe, I will give in. No, I will not because I need to teach him a lesson. But then again, where is the submissive me? It is written in the Bible that the wife must submit to his husband.

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He would be happy with the gift

I am really happy to find gold cross here. I am looking for a perfect gift for my husband’s 54th birthday. It will be on January 25. I know that there are other things that he would like to also receive but I am sure that he would be happy with this gift.

Am I getting religious these days? Well, maybe because of the recent Papal visit here in our country. I could say that I have been trying to rekindle my relationship with God every time that I feel that I seem to be turning away.

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The Gift Of Sleep

I thank my friend David for giving me a book that will guide my day. It is called THE DAILY BREAD. I actually stopped reading last Jan. 8 so I needed to read from Jan. 8 to Jan. 13, today! I am really blessed by the passages there and one thing I learned today is the gift of sleep. Yes, God wants us to have proper rest. From now on, I will make sure that our family gets enough sleep.

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Count your blessings

It is the time of year…we should count our blessings. Let us Give Thanks To God!

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Timing of Communicating Something Important

Sometimes it is really very contradictory that a person who works in a communication company lacks skills in communicating.

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Which should come first

I have lots in my mind right now. I want to do tons of things. My house is a mess. I really need to do some cleaning. Maybe that will be my agenda for my first day of vacation. Then I need to take care of myself too. I need a haircut and a pedicure and some facial! I really do not know which should come first. I also need to do some shopping for the birthday of my son. He will be turning 11 this Thursday. Then, I need to work and be good at it or else…

I really want to shout, WONDERWOMAN right now or maybe DARNA!!!!

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