Yes to Honey

My husband went back to his church choir group. The choir will be celebrating its 20th anniversary and they are planning to hold a concert. He is in charge of the sound system. Hubby has been looking for the materials which include a new roland 80xl cube. Yes, he is asking me if we can squeeze it in our budget. After all, he will be using it in a regular basis even after the concert. Well, yes, honey. Let us buy it.

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An outlet

I noticed that I am getting short tempered nowadays. Am I already in the menopausal stage and being grumpy is one of the signs? Or, maybe I have been patient for the longest time and I feel that hey, I must be the one to be in command this time. Or, maybe I am just pressured about life, about work, about everything. I really do not know. One thing sure, I do not like this feeling.

Hmmm… cool cloudlifter ? Will it make my mind cool too? I guess I need some diversion. I need an outlet. Music is just one thing that makes this life lighter.

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Pretty clothes for beautiful ladies

Pretty clothes at katydid clothing! Perfect for my beautiful friend and her equally gorgeuos daughter. The latter is my goddaughter and it was her birthday last July 10. I have not given her a gift yet and I am sure a blouse or two will definitely make her smile. I might just buy some for my friend two. I will just aske her to pay for it! Kidding aside, I will just tell her about the site. After all, my friend is the one who has good eyes for nice clothes.

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I was a composer

Since I am quite obsessed with my weight again though it does not show in my diet, I read I got interested and search for it but found out that it is actually a gadget. Now, I am rhyming the words as I was a composer too once in my life and would like to reclaim that gift. Well this Mac accessory might just help me also to clarify some sounds.

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Versatile backpacks

Letting go the girly in me? I am choosing between a backpack and this tote bag that my friend who sells online just posted. Well, a new bag will be my gift to myself this Christmas! Oh, yeah, shoes and clothes too! ;) Anyways, a backpack would really be very useful as I have my laptop. I bring it home during weekends. Backpacks are versatile also. You can actually bring it anywhere.

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Movie or shop?

Yey for Saturday! My son told me that he plans to watch Godzilla with his Dad. I asked him, how about me? He told me that I can join if I want to but according to his Dad, I will go shopping. Oh, they predicted already what I really intend to do, huh? Anyways, that is really great as I need to take a look at the Tissot watch that is currently on sale right now! I better grab one! It has been years since I bought a watch!

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Noise free

The first-class sennheiser headphones,are just what I need. My co-worker purchased a new headphone and it was pretty amazing. You could not hear anything when you put it on. I mean, no hearing outside noise besides what’s in the phones. :) Well, according to my co-worker, he needs it to shut the world down especially when he is very busy. Yes, working with music is always effective.

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New motto

Yes, I love omega 3 foods! I always have a pack with me be it in crackers or other kind of foods. Tuna is also rich with Omega 3, I think and I love Tuna too! So, who says that diet can be boring? Just think about being health that goes with eating the right kind of food! Eat right and you will never go wrong! Yes, that is my motto from now on!

How about you? Do you eat healthy? Start now!

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Violins and Cellos

I love a new show about a doctor who is somehow not confident about herself most of the time. Good thing that inside the operating room, she has all the confidence that she does not have when it comes to her talents and skills and her social relationships.

The recent episode featured her birthday and she played a musical instrument. Many brought gifts and maybe some of those could be inexpensive violin strings? Well, no, it should be for a Cello! I wonder if violin and cello have the same strings?

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All kinds of gadgets for hubby

Finally, my husband was able to shop irig. Yes, he got one already! At first, he tried creating his own irig but then again, he was able to prove that nothing beats the original. Well, that is my husband, he tries recreating things as he can really do it as he is somewhat technically equipped. Well, he also likes to buy all kinds of gadgets!

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