Changed E-mail Signature

Today I changed my e-mail signature. Finally! Well, it is not that I do not have time for it but I do not know…there are just some things that we tend to set aside sometimes. Anyways, I was forced to transfer to another group. I am still with the IT department but to a different department. Well, so far so good. I think I have accepted it. As one of my colleagues said, “Better than nothing”.

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Good sites for his sight

My son’s computer faces the wall the same line as our television set is. When he is playing or using the computer, we see what he does or what sites he accesses. Well, we would like him to only visit websites that are child friendly. Yes, educational sites, music sites, electronic sites, and the like. My husband installed a site filter as well so that our child would not be able to access sites that are not yet appropriate for his age.

Only good sites for his sight!

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Like there are no cats around

Well, yes the cat is away meaning my BOSS is not here at the office!!!
No, I am not really going to play but why is it I feel more relaxed?
I can even write non-work related paragraphs!
Then suddenly I feel guilty?
Why should I?
Sometimes it is really hard for me when I become like this.
Yes, very straight as they say… to the point that I do not have any fun at all?
Okay, let me become a mouse right now and act as like there are no cats around.

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Great gift

It is time of the year that people make lists. Buy special gifts. Taking time to be kind to one and all. Yes, it is a song that keeps playing inside my mind theses days. Well, I want this Christmas to be more special to all of us. I want to buy a great gift for my husband and son. Would a 1 4 speaker cable do? Well, maybe I should buy the speakers that they like as well, huh! That would be very useful since we also plan to have a family gathering in our place. Yes, a reunion for my nieces and nephews.

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A part of me

Finally, my husband will be able to use his guitar in public. There is one song that he will play in their concert this April. That is why I am planning to buy him a custom guitar strap! Well, I think it would add to some memory. It will also make me a part of him while he performs on stage. I will let him design it though. I am not really good in art.

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Scented ones and useful ones

I found diptyque candles here! Well, I love candles. My husband does too! We use it all over the house. you can find candles everywhere when you visit us. We have it by the corner table in the living room. We have one in the dining area, bedroom and of course, bathroom! My son likes the smell of candles too.

A collection? Well, I just want to use the candles. I love the scented ones and of course, we always stock the house with the very useful ones during electricity shut outs.

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She is full of surprises

This friend of mine, she is full of surprises! Her name is Chelly. By the way, it is her birthday today. Happy Birthday, my dear friend! I am caught between happy and sad though because she is in a far away place having a grand time with her other friends in that other part of the world. It is okay, though. We keep in touch and soon she will be back. :)

So, what is the surprise again? A brand new car, complete with custom floor mats! Well, that has always been her fetish, cars! I can still remember her first car which is already five years old, still looks brand new upto the last time that I have seen it, about a year ago.

Anyways, happy natal day again, dear friend and enjoy your new vehicle!

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Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese? I cam from a workshop from Supervisors and it is one of the books recommended for reading. Well, I have it in my bookshelf already. Thanks for online downloads! Anyways, I could really relate to this one. I recently moved to a new department! Not that I wanted to..errr… I really wanted to get out of my previous department but not really going to where I am now. To cut the story short, I was asked to move to the department where I am now. The cheese was moved!

At first, I was really happy… though I sort of missed my previous world… my comfort zone.
Though I will be basically talking to the same people, I shall be handling a new system. As I posted in my FB status:
Something old
Something new
I hope not something blue

The system that I shall be handling is not actually that new to me. It is one of the systems connected to the system that I previously handled. I have to learn many things though. I have to dig deeper if I want to excel in the new team.
What’s new of course is the team that I now belong. I have to know them and really belong to them and be one of them in the real sense of the word.

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September shopping

It will be September by Monday and what does it mean? Time to shop for Christmas! Yes, most people start early to avoid Christmas rush. As of me, sometimes I do, sometimes I do not. Maybe the reason is I know already what to give to everybody in my Christmas list. Many of them prefer cash though. How about for my immediate family? I can always give my husband shure headphones. How about for my son? Well, he is the one who is always specific on what he wants. I have yet to find out. :)

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Join a club

It is required or a must have in our sort of yearly contest in the department that we join clubs. I am choosing between the runners club and the mountaineering club. Well, both would make me acquire water bottles, which I am addicted to! :) Yes, I love those bottles! There are backpacks too! I am currently using backpack going to work instead of lady bags. :) Anyways, I must join one club before October ends. :)

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