New motto

Yes, I love omega 3 foods! I always have a pack with me be it in crackers or other kind of foods. Tuna is also rich with Omega 3, I think and I love Tuna too! So, who says that diet can be boring? Just think about being health that goes with eating the right kind of food! Eat right and you will never go wrong! Yes, that is my motto from now on!

How about you? Do you eat healthy? Start now!

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Violins and Cellos

I love a new show about a doctor who is somehow not confident about herself most of the time. Good thing that inside the operating room, she has all the confidence that she does not have when it comes to her talents and skills and her social relationships.

The recent episode featured her birthday and she played a musical instrument. Many brought gifts and maybe some of those could be inexpensive violin strings? Well, no, it should be for a Cello! I wonder if violin and cello have the same strings?

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All kinds of gadgets for hubby

Finally, my husband was able to shop irig. Yes, he got one already! At first, he tried creating his own irig but then again, he was able to prove that nothing beats the original. Well, that is my husband, he tries recreating things as he can really do it as he is somewhat technically equipped. Well, he also likes to buy all kinds of gadgets!

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Nephew’s days are here

My sister is looking for cheap monster pro 2500. She is going to buy products for his son. Oh, my nephew Earl is into music and his Mom is loving it. Neph is going to perform in their Christmas party and all he wants is to give the crowd good sound and music.

I could still remember my days in the music scene. :)

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Before was the book

I am really curious about printing america. It is like yellow pages online! Well, pardon me, the only search tool that we had before this highly technological age was that book! Now, we have all sort of search engines online. I am glad that there are also specific sites for specific needs just like when you are looking for printing companies. You got choices. You are empowered to choose the best for your needs and which suits your budget.

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Next time

I attended a friend’s 40th birthday today! Wow, she had so many visitors. According to her, she invited 40 people. Too bad only a few got gifts for her. I did not have time to buy b1800d from guitar center. Well, it is not that she will use it but she will donate it to their church choir’s band. Their pastor who is a keyboard player was present in the party. There are next birthdays to come anyway. So, I guess, we could still buy other musical instruments or gadgets by then.

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Dad’s memory

Music. Why is there a music subject in school? That is because, music is essential. Life is music, others will say.

Music is one of my favorite subjects before. Yes, during my elementary days. It happened that my Aunt is a piano teacher. I got it from her. All her kids are musically inclined too. All her girls play the banduria while her boys play harmonicas. As of me, well, I consider myself as one of her girls, thus, I play the banduria too. I wanted to play the harmonica as I found it really interesting and its sound is really soothing. My Dad also played the harmonica before.

Now, I have my own son to raise in a life that I want to be surrounded by music. His Dad can teach him play the guitar. I will teach him how to play the banduria. I will also introduce him to harmonica in the memory of my late Dad.

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Not just computers

This week shall be the week before summer vacation for my kid! I asked him what summer activity he would like to take. According to him, he has been longing to learn how to play a musical instrument. Oh, PRS Guitars maybe? Just like his Dad, huh! Well, yes, it is time to bring back music in the family. It is also a good thing that son is interested in other things like playing the guitar. Just as I about to conclude that he might already be addicted to computer games, no! He still has his fascination with insects and guitars. Thank you!

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A part of me

Finally, my husband will be able to use his guitar in public. There is one song that he will play in their concert this April. That is why I am planning to buy him a custom guitar strap! Well, I think it would add to some memory. It will also make me a part of him while he performs on stage. I will let him design it though. I am not really good in art.

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Sunday is almost over. I am really quite sad. Maybe I am still within the PMS, DMS and PMS. Oh, before I forget, this is my record of what I have been experiencing lately. I had my first day last Thursday, February 27. Then, I noticed a lump or a boil in my right armpit area or almost boob area. I am quite alarmed. Well, I have been experiencing pain at my right breast also for quite sometime now.

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