One by one

Time flies so fast. I could not imagine that I am already 44. Is my age correct? I had to compute again. Yes, I always have to recompute my age. I still feel that I am in my 20s. Well, I am a late bloomer of sort, maybe! Yes, in terms of maturity, I think I only started just recently… Well, you know, to be responsible for me and my family in all aspects– health, money, spirituality, amongst others.

So, the title of this post is “One by one”… Creepy? Well, yes, since it is about leaving earth. Time flies…and time ends…and start again, at least huh…for those who have left earth then they have a new life in Heaven. I am sure, a great one!

I am writing this post as one of my Big Brothers in Church passed away yesterday. Then, I was able to read my post about Cloudeight who passed away last year.

One by one, we will leave this Earth…let us make the most out of it by doing good…