Tried and Tested and Now I Love MOSP

Kikay KitNow I have formed a Kikay Kit that I bring along everyday,everywhere, anytime of the day! Seriously! Moisturizing CC Cream from MOSP, Face Vita Brightening Pact from MOSP, some blush, brow liner and my lipstick!

with CC

Oily face, no more! Younger looking, even! That’s what the MOSP Skin Care and Maquillage Line does for me! I have posted in my IG account how I fell in love with its  Moisture Balm. From the Product name, we already know the benefits that we can get from it. Much more, it is made of natural ingredients thus we only get the best. The Moisture Balm is actually the popular and I think Korea’s greatest innovation in Make-Up, the BB cream. The Moisture Balm is only P991. They say that the Moisture Balm is more for a darker skin but I guess depending on how much you apply, this can be used for all skin types.

For the lighter skin, MOSP also offers the Moisturizing CC Cream. This, I also love! Well, my skin type is more of on the middle–not dark, dark and not white, white. The only thing that is definite about my skin is that it is very oily. That is why, whether it is the Moisture Balm or the Moisturizing Balm that I use, I need to just apply a little. The outcome is great, I must say, do you agree, seeing my PIC? Anyways, the CC Cream is P955.

I mentioned the oiliness–oh, my! Really a bummer!   Face Vita Brightening Pact from MOSP, to the rescue! This is really handy and do not leave home without it. Just dab a little and that will serve as your re-touch whenever you feel oily or heavy at one point of the day. This product is P977.

I am not really a make-up user. I only apply some make up when I need to. You know, going to weddings, reunions, or some  events where almost all women wear some blush.

So, what made me decide to now use MOSP’s–Vita Brightening Pact and Moisturizing CC Cream or Moisture Balm  on a daily basis?before and after

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with my skin
  • Not itchy
  • Good scent
  • Lightweight
  • SPF Protection- SPF 50+ !!!!
  • Economical
  • Beautifies Me :)



So, after a long day, you need to wash away what you have put on. Do not fall asleep with your make up on–you need to let your skin breath and rest. MOSP also has a 3 step skin regimen that you will really love. I read a very good review about the MOSP skin care at Samut-Sari .

Below is the complete line of MOSP Skin Care & Maquillage. The Face Vita Brightening Pact is now in PINK! So pretty!


You want to know more about the amazing products of MOSP Skin Care & Maquillage? Vist their FB Page at Place your orders there and fall in love with these products!