Paper bags

I thank God for guiding me to say sorry. I know that I was at fault. I might  have an excuse and turn the table around and say that it is only a paper bag but still—i got what was not mine. so, she asked me to return it— i responded in not so nice way— so i said sorry. Now, I am at peace, I already admitted that I was wrong. I let my emotions ruled me. I was sensitive. I showed my irritation. I let the other side win. So, I prayed. And it lead me to say sorry… it is hard. I am still angry. I still feel wronged. But, it is I who was wrong. I need to calm down now.

Maybe you might be asking what am I talking about? Well, I was in a bad mood because of something. I needed a paper bag. So my co worker has paper bags— you know those paper bags from stores —shoping  bags, food bags—that you keep for future use. I got a paper bag from her without her knowledge since before she said that i can just get one, then another food paper bag with her knowledge— then she said that she needed those paper bags. So, I returned those. I was a bit sensitive so I told her that it will not be good if we fight over paper bags.

We left the office without talking to each other. So, I sent her a viber message saying I am sorry. That’s it!