Apr 21

Gastroenteritis or Stomach Flu

Since last Tuesday night, I felt feverish and had flu like symptoms of muscle pain and fever. I went to the office Wednesday and had a hearty brunch of brown rice, salted egg with tomatoes and sardines with sayote. I also had avocado shake for my drink and dessert in one. After an hour or two, I needed to visit the reat room and diarrhea begun. My right stomach was so painful. I tried to go on and even managed to have my lunch walk. However, the symptoms stayed and worsened to the point that I could not tolerate it anymore. I went to the clinic and was given medication and hidrite. My Boss advised me to take a rest by Thursday.

Stayed home Thursday and I thought I was fine. I only had to viait the rest room a couple of times– well I was sleeping almost the whole day. I stopped the medication.

Come Friday, I went to the office- diarrhea started again but no more fever. Good thing I had my medicines. I took a pill and diarrhea stopped.

Today is Saturday. Dreaded D is still here. Took the pill after some seriously painful sessions that I could not take it anymore.

I hope that it will be gone tomorrow! Please, please, please.

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