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Apr 17

Deadly Diabetes

Deadly Diabetes! Indeed! I know, I know. It was me. My own wrongdoing. I ate a lot! I enjoyed it. Now, I have to answer for it. I got the deadly diabetes. What to do? Stop eating? Start exercising? What to do? What to do?

Apr 08

Two hours and counting

Well, I have been editing this blog for more than two hours already. I think the theme is okay now for me. I have customized the header–not the same one that I had before but this one is okay for me already as I achieved the rainy theme. I chose purple tint as it is …

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Apr 08

Blogging or Vlogging

I planned to do vlogging getting inspiration from Kris Aquino. Haha! Yes, I know how big she is but then again, I thought that, even a big person like her took the plunge and really worked hard to make it on the digital world. So, what happened to my plan? Well, still a plan. I …

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Apr 03

Today is a good day

Today is a good day! Do you agree? We woke up. We sleep again in a while. What happened to you today? I received so much blessings. I am very happy. God is good all the time. Happy thoughts. No room for sadness. Just be joyful. Share. Be alive. Glorify Him! Today is a good …

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Mar 25

My resume at a glance

Revisiting my previous posts–and I was able to save only upto 2017 of my blog. I wanted to publish this exactly a year after. Would you believe that there will be another role to be added to the list? Well, there is an on-going re-org happening again in our department. Well, Change is good, right? …

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Mar 16

Summer Class

Summer is here and I want it to be worthwhile for my son. He has been begging me for a  piano and I think it is high time to give him that. anyways, all of us can use it and maybe my talent in composing can be revived. After all, the price is affordable since …

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Mar 09

Life to the soul

It is summer once again. I am thinking of what class my child should get into. Maybe some music? Well I am looking at cellos! There are affordable ones and maybe it is time to learn new musical instruments. Well, I believe that music is life. It is very relaxing to be able to play …

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Mar 03

Blogging for Eight Years Now

So, it was March 3,2010 when I started this blog! Today is March 3, 2018! I have been blogging for eight years now! Well, I have created many blogs but I decided to keep this one. Maybe because, I have been most truthful in this blog. Too bad that I was not able to save …

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Feb 14

Bought Hongkong Tickets

Valentine’s Day! I am on vacation leave–as I always do each year! Well, I finally was able to purchase our plane tickets going to Hongkong for the Disneyland Visit I promised my son. The flight is on May 30, 2018. Still very far and I have time to save for everything that we will need. …

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Jan 20

The worst thing to fight about is money

The worst thing to fight about is money. It seems very hurtful. I have known many people who have separated because of money. That is why, I really try to avoid this. As I have matured these years, I have learned to be more careful in my words and thoughts so that bad ones will …

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