Contemplating on buying another domain

I actually spent an hour or two thinking of a new website name. I plan to create yet another blog but on second thoughts, I realized I just need to build this one with content.

I met a few “hard-core” of sort bloggers yesterday and they inspired me. They are really visible in the world wide web and their websites have great content. I asked myself, how to be like them…

Well, I guess, it will really take a lot of hardwork. Am I ready again? Okay, I tried buying- I almost did-but then again, I backed out. Hahaha!

My final decision–No Go!

I will just build this website.

Domain Renewal

Gosh! Good thing that I checked my GoDaddy account! Domains are expiring very soon! What to do? Good thing as I checked my Paypal account, somebody paid! Wow! I am so happy! God is really good! This week has been really a good one. Thank You, Lord!

You know, even if I am not really a full time blogger, I do not want to lose my domains because, I think, somehow, I have established these already being in the world wide web for almost ten years now. As long as there are funds to renew the domains, of course, I shall continue to renew. I have not really kept track of the ROI but one thing, what I spend for these domains came from blogging anyways.

The importance of proofreading

I browsed thru this blog and saw in around three posts some grammatical errors. Now, I realized that, yes, proofreading will really pay off. Well, I wanted to edit those posts right now but it is already 106 am and I prefer to go to sleep.

I guess, I really need to keep in my mind to always do proofreading. And, yes, one of the popular “sayings” in the office– do the right thing at the first time.


Oh, I hope to make it before 6 AM. I need to do a lot of things. Anyways, I know that I will be able to make it. It really sucks when you do not have free internet connection of sort in the office. Anyways, It is still early. I have 30 minutes to rush around 6 posts or so.

Just one more post

When procastrination was about to kick in again I tried to fight it. Well, at least for one more post? Hahaha!
I could not really avoid it. My husband and son are still both in bed. I am being tempted to just lay down again and enjoy some more sleep. I am actually here in the same room as they are. Well, just put my head on the pillow and I could have some sleep also. After this post, maybe?

Looks like real comments

I just deleted 24 SPAM comments! Again, huh! Funny but they look like real comments from real persons. I actually read about a job on commenting on posts. Maybe the SPAM comments that I receive regularly are those jobs. Before I was really excited to receive comments as I am thinking that I got some traffic and many drop by my blog. Is it the same?

Inspiring Filipino Bloggers

I was watching Kabuhayang Swak na Swak at ABS-CBN and they featured Laureen Uy. I was curious of her blog and visited it. Pretty blog,huh! I was inspired. Well, you know, it is just a personal blog yet she is able to mix business with it. She photographs herself and models products that she loves. Oh, she is a real fashionista. I love her rings! I love her shoes too. Now, I am inspired again to lose weight so that I can be as fashionable as her.

I was also able to stumble at the pages of the other bloggers–Filipino bloggers that inspire me once again. Jenni Epperson and Nina. Pretty blogs!

Somehow, I feel inferior seeing those nice blogs but then again, I know that if only I will give it time, I can build a nice blog too. :)