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Apr 08

Two hours and counting

Well, I have been editing this blog for more than two hours already. I think the theme is okay now for me. I have customized the header–not the same one that I had before but this one is okay for me already as I achieved the rainy theme. I chose purple tint as it is …

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Apr 08

Blogging or Vlogging

I planned to do vlogging getting inspiration from Kris Aquino. Haha! Yes, I know how big she is but then again, I thought that, even a big person like her took the plunge and really worked hard to make it on the digital world. So, what happened to my plan? Well, still a plan. I …

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Mar 03

Blogging for Eight Years Now

So, it was March 3,2010 when I started this blog! Today is March 3, 2018! I have been blogging for eight years now! Well, I have created many blogs but I decided to keep this one. Maybe because, I have been most truthful in this blog. Too bad that I was not able to save …

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Jan 26

The importance of proofreading

I browsed thru this blog and saw in around three posts some grammatical errors. Now, I realized that, yes, proofreading will really pay off. Well, I wanted to edit those posts right now but it is already 106 am and I prefer to go to sleep. I guess, I really need to keep in my …

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Jun 28


Oh, I hope to make it before 6 AM. I need to do a lot of things. Anyways, I know that I will be able to make it. It really sucks when you do not have free internet connection of sort in the office. Anyways, It is still early. I have 30 minutes to rush …

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May 18

Just one more post

When procastrination was about to kick in again I tried to fight it. Well, at least for one more post? Hahaha! I could not really avoid it. My husband and son are still both in bed. I am being tempted to just lay down again and enjoy some more sleep. I am actually here in …

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Feb 01

Looks like real comments

I just deleted 24 SPAM comments! Again, huh! Funny but they look like real comments from real persons. I actually read about a job on commenting on posts. Maybe the SPAM comments that I receive regularly are those jobs. Before I was really excited to receive comments as I am thinking that I got some …

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Jan 22

Inspiring Filipino Bloggers

I was watching Kabuhayang Swak na Swak at ABS-CBN and they featured Laureen Uy. I was curious of her blog and visited it. Pretty blog,huh! I was inspired. Well, you know, it is just a personal blog yet she is able to mix business with it. She photographs herself and models products that she loves. …

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Nov 17

Serious blogging

Write, write, write. Write more, read more, know more, share more. I am just thinking if I am doing any justice with this blog. Well, the title of this blog is Savouring Every Drop. I wanted to account every detail of my life? When I conceptualize this blog, I wanted to write about my diet …

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Apr 16

Deny or tell the truth?

When you have told everyone about your blog, you seemed to be somehow inhibited to say all the things that you want to say especially if you do not trust some of your readers. Well, paranoia? You can always deny anyways that you were not the one who wrote that if ever… Well, it happened …

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