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Feb 17

The Content Delivery Platform Turnover Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Platform Manager? Yes, now, I think I can say that. I enjoyed this job for more than a year and a half but I am now assigned to a new task so I have to leave this and turn it over to the new Platform Manager. How does …

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Dec 03

Then they say I told you so

Then they say I told you so.. I really do not like it. All those finger pointing and all. Well, someone has to be accountable for it, that is why? Well, yes… but please react to it in a more logical manner, right? What I am talking about here? Another office scene. A production issue …

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Nov 14

The difference between a job and a career

The difference between a job and a career. Well, this new Head of the Marketing Department told this to his subordinates. I think this makes sense but it hurts. Well, the truth hurts, right? I do not want to have self pity but indeed, I think I only have a job but not a career? …

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Dec 05

Are you a mentor or a boss?

I like chit-chat time after work. You know, talking anything and everything under the sun. You can go from serious to non-sense talks just to have the company of co-workers or to catch up even for just a while before calling the day and off to home. Yesterday, the conversation was a bit serious about …

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Nov 13

Control the passion

Sometimes I think I need to control my passion. I have to be as cool as others. No, not complacent but just keeping things cool. I do not want to be a push over or someone that everybody hates! Well, I am talking about my work. Yesterday, during a technical assessment meeting, I lost control …

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Oct 20

Changed E-mail Signature

Today I changed my e-mail signature. Finally! Well, it is not that I do not have time for it but I do not know…there are just some things that we tend to set aside sometimes. Anyways, I was forced to transfer to another group. I am still with the IT department but to a different …

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Oct 20

Like there are no cats around

Well, yes the cat is away meaning my BOSS is not here at the office!!! No, I am not really going to play but why is it I feel more relaxed? I can even write non-work related paragraphs! Then suddenly I feel guilty? Why should I? Sometimes it is really hard for me when I …

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Aug 30

Who moved my cheese?

Who moved my cheese? I cam from a workshop from Supervisors and it is one of the books recommended for reading. Well, I have it in my bookshelf already. Thanks for online downloads! Anyways, I could really relate to this one. I recently moved to a new department! Not that I wanted to..errr… I really …

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Jan 18

intellectual growth

Our department head is constantly reminding us to make use of our weekends, we’ll. not only to rest but also to learn new things. She even suggested sites like for us to check out and try and get something from it. Oh, living in an IT world, huh! I never really thought that I …

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Jun 15

Saturday is not a work day

Lord, Please help! That’s what I blurted out after talking to my boss. Well, who like working with a manager? Certainly not me. I just put inside my mind that we are just both employees with different roles and different salaries. So, today is Saturday and I was asked to work? Oh no! Well, I …

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