New Beginnings

Each day is a new beginning.
We might think sometimes that everything seems usual or you do an ordinary routine but if you do contemplate, each day is different from the other. You might be able to meet new people. You might be able to try new restaurant. You think of different things. You might meet new friends. You might have a new job.

Today, I am quite sad…a friend of mine has tendered her resignation and she will really leave the company already/. We have been teammates for two years and we are really close now. Anyways, she wanted to try a new beginning. I hope that she will get her fulfillment and the happiness she is looking for.

The Content Delivery Platform Turnover Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Platform Manager? Yes, now, I think I can say that. I enjoyed this job for more than a year and a half but I am now assigned to a new task so I have to leave this and turn it over to the new Platform Manager.

How does I feel with the change? Mixed emotions, I guess. Well, some say that I am happy because it was really a tough a job in terms of managing the clients. The solutioning part and execution are not much that hard because it is on us already. It was the elaboration part with the rest of the stakeholders that really drained me.

Anyways, I conducted a turnover session this afternoon. There were around eleven people who attended the meeting so it was sort of fruitful and I can say successful. I saw that they were apt for the challenge of the new task. That is good. That is good for the Company.

Now, the hand holding shall start and the final letting go shall happen soon!

Then they say I told you so

Then they say I told you so.. I really do not like it. All those finger pointing and all. Well, someone has to be accountable for it, that is why? Well, yes… but please react to it in a more logical manner, right? What I am talking about here? Another office scene. A production issue that occur but was arrested immediately. Well, it is for the tech team to say that, of course. Anyways, it is hard if someone is closed minded about it already even if the investigation already clearly shows what happened.

The difference between a job and a career

The difference between a job and a career. Well, this new Head of the Marketing Department told this to his subordinates. I think this makes sense but it hurts. Well, the truth hurts, right?

I do not want to have self pity but indeed, I think I only have a job but not a career? I know that I will not become an executive in the company where I am right now. Is it because I do not work hard or I just do not care? Maybe I do not really have goals or am I just contented? You know, three times a day meal, merienda, eat whatever you like, shelter, a little money–simple things. I think that I am still blessed and even more blessed than the others? Why pressure myself, right?

One thing, I know I can still improve and it is not too late to iron some wrinkles.

Are you a mentor or a boss?

I like chit-chat time after work. You know, talking anything and everything under the sun. You can go from serious to non-sense talks just to have the company of co-workers or to catch up even for just a while before calling the day and off to home.

Yesterday, the conversation was a bit serious about being a Boss or a Mentor. Well, one of my colleagues told us about an incident when his Boss introduced himself as her Mentor and not actually her Boss. Well, it was argumentative as according to her, her Boss was merely an administrator of her DTRs and whereabouts. Ouch! That really hurt.

I handled a few people before. I checked if I were a Boss or a Leader. I got 8/10 IMO….I could say that ye, I was more of a Leader than a Boss.

Control the passion

Sometimes I think I need to control my passion. I have to be as cool as others. No, not complacent but just keeping things cool. I do not want to be a push over or someone that everybody hates! Well, I am talking about my work. Yesterday, during a technical assessment meeting, I lost control and I somehow accused my co-worker that he is trying to change the solution in not so good way. Anyways, I could not justify my actions by saying that I was just passionate. Maybe I just want to stick to the original solution so that we could move on.

Changed E-mail Signature

Today I changed my e-mail signature. Finally! Well, it is not that I do not have time for it but I do not know…there are just some things that we tend to set aside sometimes. Anyways, I was forced to transfer to another group. I am still with the IT department but to a different department. Well, so far so good. I think I have accepted it. As one of my colleagues said, “Better than nothing”.