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Mar 25

My resume at a glance

Revisiting my previous posts–and I was able to save only upto 2017 of my blog. I wanted to publish this exactly a year after. Would you believe that there will be another role to be added to the list? Well, there is an on-going re-org happening again in our department. Well, Change is good, right? …

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Feb 11

So I Cried

I learned last Tuesday that I will be reporting to another Junior Product Manager and not directly to our Manager as I understood when our Department Head talked to me. Well, I contained my self and just went to the Chapel to pray and cried out to God what is in my heart. Come Wednesday, …

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May 19

The Letter of Intent

I finally made the first step to leave the department I currently belong to. I passed a letter of intent to transfer to another team. My immediate superior approved the transfer form on the condition that I will be allowed to leave once there is already someone to replace me and I have turned over …

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Feb 07

The IT Head

I encountered another concern in the development of our Project. I feel depressed and I think that I am to blame. I do not express it of course but rather in a declarative manner, always as taught in the books on how to bring up some issues, let it not be in a negative way …

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Jun 06


So, even my favorite TV shows I also stopped watching? That’s how busy am I? Come to think of it, I have not been watching much TV. What’s happening to me? Maybe there are other more important things? Anyways, enough stress from work. You commit mistakes, learn to forgive yourself. Well, accept the consequenses also …

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Jul 01

Where is my playfield?

No work during weekends for me. Family time? Nah..I just feal cheated? Am I cheating myself? How committed am I to my work? Sometimes, I feel that I work too hard and not fully compensated. Well, maybe others work faster than me because the work is easier for them? The reality of working in a …

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