when the lie becomes truth

they say that when you constantly lie there will come a time that you will think that you are not lying anymore but it is the truth already.

well, there are things that we do in life that we know is wrong but for no reason at all we just proceed doing it.

sins… we do sin everyday knowing that we will be forgiven?

are there really small sins that have no consequences?

or, are there sins that you think is a sin but actually is not and you are just being paranoid and is obsessing with it?

indeed, it is hard to be righteous all the time.

When everybody is sleeping

Well, I need someone to talk to…to listen to me…to comfort me…to assure me that everything will be alright. Blame it to the traffic that I got home and both my boys are already sleeping when I arrived home…Well, it can wait til tomorrow…I can still manage.


What do I like to write today? I committed an error. However, with the grace of God, the error did not affect anyone but me. Well, I cannot really divulge the details here because it is confidential.

I thank God today for His blessing. For making me feel His Holy Spirit, reminding me to be more humble and kinder in my ways. I am not great. I can commit errors that maybe some people will take against me–I wholeheartedly accept the error. I ask forgiveness and I think I need to forgive myself as well.

Trusted source

When you talk about starcaster at guitarcenter.com, it is like talking about a real star. That is what guitar lovers will say, I am sure. Who does not want to have a starcaster, right? My hubby himself will like to have a new guitar. He found some sale items in the net but I recommend that he buys from a trusted source. Then, he saw starcaster. That is the end of the story, if you know what I mean.

Fire Drill

My co-worker who is also my friend posted in our Viber Group last night that there will be a Fire Drill in the office today. Well, supposedly, I should be excused because of my Left Ankle Sprain but I just do not want to argue or explain myself or justify so I just went out early and I am now lounging in one of the coffee shops near the office. I will not be able to do some office work because I really cannot concentrate here. The coffee shop is at the lobby. It is very open.

Phone Obsessed

It is 4AM and I am obsessing about my Lenovo S90 that is not turning on. The battery got drained yesterday and I charged it. There was no charging signal so I thought it was acting up again. I experienced this before and it turned on after sometime. Well, almost 12 hour had passed and it is still dead. What to do? Maybe I should just oet it go? My gosh, the phine is just 1 year old.