Category: daily highlights

Mar 16

Fire Drill

My co-worker who is also my friend posted in our Viber Group last night that there will be a Fire Drill in the office today. Well, supposedly, I should be excused because of my Left Ankle Sprain but I just do not want to argue or explain myself or justify so I just went out …

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Sep 11

Phone Obsessed

It is 4AM and I am obsessing about my Lenovo S90 that is not turning on. The battery got drained yesterday and I charged it. There was no charging signal so I thought it was acting up again. I experienced this before and it turned on after sometime. Well, almost 12 hour had passed and …

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Aug 08

Pokemon Go

I tried Pokemon Go today!!! I was so excited seeing Squirtle at the corner or our living room sitting on my son’s backpack. Well, that instant, I became a fan of the creator of the game. You know, that virtual reality…being a part of it. I imagine a big possibility of having a virtual friend, …

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Jul 25

So Ji Sub and Kim Rae Won

It is July 25 already and I have not written anything in this blog for so long. So, what’s keeping me busy these days? KOREAN DRAMAs! Well, Kim Rae Won and So Ji Sub really entertain me everyday! I almost finished all of So Ji Sub’s Dramas and even movies. I started Kim Rae Won’s …

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Mar 06

A lot in a Sunday

After some house cleaning, cooking and washing the clothes, and eating lunch of course, I am now here at the comfort of my bed. It is summer time or is it the climate change that is causing the hight temperature thus my air-con is on…After some singing in acapella of some of my favorite songs …

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Nov 06

New Computer For Dex

Yes, we bought a new desktop computer! The one that I mentioned in one of my previous posts said goodbye already. Time to replace it. My son is now happy. I am happy. 🙂 Well, it is just but right to replace the computer every two years at least to be able to keep up …

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Nov 06

Counting my blessings

First, I would like to praise God for everything. We should really count our blessings, big and small. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. I myself consider myself as blessed for everything that I have now. I have my son and my husband. We have our home. Our God provisions for …

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Sep 07

Activities before I go to sleep

I told myself that I will not eat again after my 7PM dinner but I really lost control again and ate the pancit noodles. Why o why, now I am regretting it and I want to throw up. Anyways, I will just do some activities before sleeping like ironing clothes maybe or cleaning this very …

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Sep 05

Midnight Meal

I am literally having a midnight meal. Well, my meals time are really erratic. I know I need to change it. Maybe tomorrow? Well, I need to wake up early and my day early as well. I really hope to stick with my schedule.

Aug 12

Stress symptoms

I hope to finish all my assignments before 8Am as I need to go to the office. Should I give in to the stress? I should not! I can do it! Well, what do I feel right now? I am hungry as I only eat half rice last night. I also feel like going to …

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