Category: exercise

Jul 01

I walked and lost 136 calories but gained 1200

I walked and lost 136 calories but gained 1200. Haha! I was telling my husband that it was hard keeping off those pounds. He told me that if it was easy then many people would just eat and eat and run and run. Exercise is really hard unless you love it, right? Anyways, love is …

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May 05

Badminton last Thursday!

I am really happy that I was finally able to play Badminton again last Thursday! That was such a long time already since my last game. Yes, I think more than 15 years ago! Imagine that! Well, I am not a Pro but I can hit the ball and run a few! Yes, I am …

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Jun 29

My heart is beating so fast

My heart is beating so fast right now. Am I in love? Am I hyperventilating? what happened? I just finished dancing and singing, “I’m Every Woman”. Hubby has installed the American Idol game in Wii. Good thing! We were able to jam a while ago singing along the songs in the game. Too bad that …

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