In His Perfect Time

They said that it’s long overdue. I’d say, no, I am very young in my job right now. Do not count the almost ten years that I spent in Customer Care Business. It is like staying and having been employed in another company and resigned and applied for a new one. Actually, logically, that’s it.

I am actually a tenured employee already. Read my stay in the company field in my work profile, it says 12 years. It was my anniversary last August 1.
I worked in the Call Center department of the affiliate company of the mother company where I currently work now for 3 years. August 1 2001 to Aug 31, 2004. I gave birth to my son year December 2003 thus I decided to transfer to another department which will spare me from the GY shifts.

I transferred to the billing department. I could say that I shone there as I got upgraded to Senior staff after 1 1/2 years only. However, if there’s no slot available, you will forever stay as a member of the staff, no hope for any movement. I stayed there from September 2004 to Nov. 16, 2010 ( as indicated in my trasfer papers to my present job). However, I still rendered my service until the end of Nov. 2010. My boss there was actually generous of her knowledge. She also appreciated my efforts. She was also the one who offered me the job or sort of advised me of the opening in the mother company. She actually tried to promise me something or a position as a supervisor if I decided to stay instead. I told her that I would forver be greatful. She accepted my decision. I know that she’s happy for me also.

I got accepted to my present job. It happened that I will be doing a job that I like to do. That is of a sort of a writer. I am now a Business Analyst. I had no ambition whatsoever when I transferred to the mother company. I just wanted a new environment and a more stable job and a job that my son will be proud of his Mom. The salary is higher also since I trasferred to technical department. There is a big difference in the salary range of non-tech and tech departments. As a matter of fact, the salary that I had for the almost 7 years that I stayed in the affiliate company was not even the starting salary of the position that I got as a Business Analyst. I also had a demotion from Senior staff to mid-staff. Think about that! I became a mid-staff and yet my present salary is still lower than the starting salary of the mid-BA in the tech department. My salary was eventually aligned.

I would say that again, I shone as a mid-BA. I got my Senior BA movement after 1 1/2 year. My immediate boss has a high standard. It is fine with me as really, having moved in less than two years was a blessing. I was just new to the job.

Last August 12, my manager asked me to meet her. It was a Monday morning good news! She told me that my January to June performance merited a mid-year movement. Wow! I am now a supervisor. Well, a specialist at that since I am not formally mentoring another member of the team. It was real blessing. I thank God for all the blessings. Indeed, in His perfect time, everything will be in placed.

With this post, I actually would like to give back all the Glory and Honor to God. I pray to continue to honor Him and Glorify Him with my actions. I am nothing without Him. It is all Him. As I have said, He is watching. He knows everything. Thank You again, God.

God’s Perfect Timing

Do you know the song, IN HIS TIME? I love this song of praise.

Well, as I have mentioned in my previous post, I felt devastated and forsaken. Because of that, I have committed almost all of the seven mortal sins. Well, that is one can do, makes you do all. It started with envy then anger then I got depressed and ate a lot and got lazy… really bad me, huh! Deep within all that, I still keep my faith. Ironic? Anyways, I just had to stop and listen to God. I asked for forgiveness for all my discontentment in life.

I just receive so much blessings. I just have to count it. I just have to realize it each day. Then, I know, I will become a better person in His Eyes.

In this post, I would like to thank God for my recent UPGRADE! Yes, I am now a Senior Business Analyst. I am really happy. I have tons of assignments also in my writing hobby which I really love to do. Thank You, Thank You my Great God!