Category: family

Mar 16

Summer Class

Summer is here and I want it to be worthwhile for my son. He has been begging me for a  piano and I think it is high time to give him that. anyways, all of us can use it and maybe my talent in composing can be revived. After all, the price is affordable since …

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Feb 14

Bought Hongkong Tickets

Valentine’s Day! I am on vacation leave–as I always do each year! Well, I finally was able to purchase our plane tickets going to Hongkong for the Disneyland Visit I promised my son. The flight is on May 30, 2018. Still very far and I have time to save for everything that we will need. …

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Sep 26

Never Give Up

My son is really surprising me all the time. You know, random things that I never expect him to say or do. Like for one, this desktop I am using right now. It belongs to him. One morning, I had some deadlines and my laptop’s keyboard was not working. I tried to open this Computer …

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Aug 27

Made the audience happy

Yesterday was really a happy day! Well, we do laugh on simple things like a funny TV show. This noon time show featured a family who loves to sing and play the guitar. As a matter of fact, the kids have a band in their province. So, they were asked to play a song. You …

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