Never Give Up

My son is really surprising me all the time. You know, random things that I never expect him to say or do. Like for one, this desktop I am using right now. It belongs to him. One morning, I had some deadlines and my laptop’s keyboard was not working. I tried to open this Computer and to no avail. It is not opening! Well, I kept it sort of a secret as it will definitely ruin our morning.

Come weekend, I saw my husband trying to open this too. According to him, it is only our son who can open this. We let it go and just let it be. True enough, when our son woke up, he went straight to his computer. It was not opening. He did not rant nor became grumpy nor blame anybody for this. He just told us that it happens every time. I asked him what he does about it. He told me, the quote: Never Give Up! Huh? He told me that he just needs to try and try and never give up until this Computer opens.

Today, I tried opening this. After some tension and stress, it opened and I am now writing this post!

Never Give Up!!!!!

Made the audience happy

Yesterday was really a happy day! Well, we do laugh on simple things like a funny TV show. This noon time show featured a family who loves to sing and play the guitar. As a matter of fact, the kids have a band in their province. So, they were asked to play a song. You know what happened? Maybe because they have not played for quite a long time, they must have used CruzTOOLS Tools first to fix their guitar. Let us just say that it was not in melody anymore. Anyways, they were able to pull it through and they made the audience happy! That included us!