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Oct 05

I craved for mangoes and peaches but was given a spread on the supposed waffle sandwich with those fillings

It’s time for lunch again so we went to the neighbor building to buy salad! Yes, you read it—Salad! Well, I had a heavy breakfast of fried rice with egg and sausage so I do not deserve another heavy meal. I bought Chicken Salad but I was craving for some dessert. Hello, Diabetic!!!! Anyways, I …

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Jan 26

Cravings satisfied

I craved for Pizza today! Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am on PMS. My LMP was Dec. 26. Anyways, my favorite restaurant for Pizzas is SHAKEYs! So, I dialled 77-777 and placed my order. Pizza Castellana it is! Well, it has been our favorite flavor of sort. 🙂 I have a …

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Sep 11

Crunchy Apple

Crunchy apple, that’s my breakfast. I needed to eat that because my husband bought it for me three days ago. Crunchy, crunchy indeed! In time for the unveiling of the new Apple mobile phones! Crunchy deals! I am tempted to get those colorful I-phoneCs! How about you? My husband is singing for Iphone 5s. Well, …

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Jul 27

Precious Donuts

We bought J.CO donuts a while ago. My husband was ranting about the 30 minute wait before finally we were able to place our order. I assured him that he will be satisfied with the taste! I ordered Al Capone. Delicious! My husband was satisfied. Our son also enjoyed his chocolate flavored donuts. As of …

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Jun 28

Meat Dinner

I really love meat! I called my husband and asked what he prepared for dinner. He told me that he cooked cabbage. Oh, I was disappointed. Well, he is trying to support me with my diet. Epic huh! Anyways, I was with my firends and we decided to eat out. I ordered all meat meal: …

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