I craved for mangoes and peaches but was given a spread on the supposed waffle sandwich with those fillings

It’s time for lunch again so we went to the neighbor building to buy salad!
Yes, you read it—Salad!
Well, I had a heavy breakfast of fried rice with egg and sausage so I do not deserve another heavy meal.
I bought Chicken Salad but I was craving for some dessert. Hello, Diabetic!!!!
Anyways, I gave in as the Ad of the waffle sandwich overflowing with peaches and mango filling was enticing.
To my dismay, no fruits but just flavored syrup spread! Gone was my P45—around a dollar for that very untruthful advertising.

Cravings satisfied

I craved for Pizza today! Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am on PMS. My LMP was Dec. 26. Anyways, my favorite restaurant for Pizzas is SHAKEYs! So, I dialled 77-777 and placed my order. Pizza Castellana it is! Well, it has been our favorite flavor of sort. :) I have a Shakeys Card that entitles me to a buy one take one deal for every pizza ordered. I also ordered MOJOs for my son.

I actually had 4 boxes today. Thank you to the Hotline of Shakeys for hearing out a customer’s plea. The agent was not able to ask me if I prefer thin crust or hand tossed. So, they delivered a new set since my order was already in process when I called them to verify if I was able to order the hand tossed one. It’s free!!!

So, cravings satisfied!

Crunchy Apple

Crunchy apple, that’s my breakfast. I needed to eat that because my husband bought it for me three days ago. Crunchy, crunchy indeed! In time for the unveiling of the new Apple mobile phones! Crunchy deals! I am tempted to get those colorful I-phoneCs! How about you?

My husband is singing for Iphone 5s. Well, that’s been long overdue. Yes, I will buy him one! I am just waiting for it to be released by the Telco where I am working in right now! I could not afford cash payment so let me avail of the company’s installment plan. :)

Precious Donuts

We bought J.CO donuts a while ago. My husband was ranting about the 30 minute wait before finally we were able to place our order. I assured him that he will be satisfied with the taste!

I ordered Al Capone. Delicious! My husband was satisfied. Our son also enjoyed his chocolate flavored donuts. As of me, I had Avoca Dicaprio. :)

Forget all the calorie counting today.

Meat Dinner

I really love meat! I called my husband and asked what he prepared for dinner. He told me that he cooked cabbage. Oh, I was disappointed. Well, he is trying to support me with my diet. Epic huh! Anyways, I was with my firends and we decided to eat out. I ordered all meat meal: chicken, pork ribs, beef ribs, lamb. Yum! I was satisfied. I went home and appeared tired and still dieting. I ate a little of the cabbage. I did not tell my husband that I ate out…until this post. Well, he does not really read this blog. 😉