For a Great Dad

We went to the mall yesterday. Well, it was Father’s Day! We went there not to celebrate, though. We had our usual trip to the Supermarket inside the mall. The not so usual thing that we did is to just eat tuna salad sandwich for lunch. Yum! I also had a slice of Pizza! Cheat weekends! Anyways, I somehow felt guilty not being able to give my husband, who is a very good Dad, any gift. Maybe I could let him check out the bass guitars at Well, that would not be a maybe. I am sure that he would really be able to pick one since I am already offering.

Life to the soul

It is summer once again. I am thinking of what class my child should get into. Maybe some music? Well I am looking at cellos available at Musicians Friend. There are affordable ones and maybe it is time to learn new musical instruments. Well, I believe that music is life. It is very relaxing to be able to play those melodies. I, myself would like to have cello!

Young kids play guitar like a Pro

It is weekend once again! Yey! I hope to catch some good watch be it some TV shows or maybe a movie marathon or a series marathon. Last Saturday was enjoyable as there was the grand finals of a musical contest in one of the noontime shows. The young kids, around 14-19 years old already played musical instruments like professionals. One seemed played the electric bass guitar at and yes, he was a very good bass player! I thought he would win but the electric guitar player won who was as good and as young. I learned that both kids pay at the same band.

Summer Class

Summer is here and I want it to be worthwhile for my son. He has been begging me for a roland fa 08 and I think it is high time to give him that. anyways, all of us can use it and maybe my talent in composing can be revived. After all, the price is affordable since there are promos that are very enticing. That is the reason that I have decided to purchase one. There are many benefits. We can compose songs. We can create our own brand of music.

Pleasant to his ears

Past Twelve Midnight and Hubby and I are still awake. We are here at the dining area as he is having his coffee because it is very cold here in our town. He told me that we should talk or bond since we have not seen each other the whole day since breakfast. Well, as usual, music talk and now it is moog minitaur! Well, all I can do is agree because I understand his passion for anything that makes sound that is pleasant to his ears.

Release stress

It is a tiring day today and I need retail therapy! Yes, I want to buy everything and even my hubby’s digitech jamman can already be on his hand any time soon! Well, we need some music in the house too and do some jamming because the weather is gloomy and I also want to make some noise just to release some stress!
Retail therapy, music and very loud music, I like!!!

Just what we need

Maybe it is the dynaflex powerball that we need? Well, we the office workers who types everyday. Do not forget the musicians, specifically those that use their fingers or hands for their instruments. Imagine a small thing that is not burdensome yet it does wonders! I am really glad to have found this. I will definitely grab one for myself and I think this will be a great gift for my friends this Christmas as well.