What Makes Me Happy Today

I am thinking of creating another blog with this title- What Makes Me Happy Today. Well, I am inspired by a book I stumbled upon while trying to do blog hop to increase my traffic as you know, I decided to really go back to blogging. I have this talent of blabbering thru print- hahaha- so why not make use of it, right?

The book I am talking about is “The Happiness Equation”. I am about to read it today but I need to just stop for a while because I need to do some cooking first and of course, write this post.

What Makes Me Happy Today? Well, first, it is a Saturday! That alone makes me happy as it should be a no pressure day, right? Everybody loves the weekend, right?

I was able to do some physical activity already- finished 6K steps. 4K to go!
Breakfast with Hubby done- it is sort of our bonding.
I was able to update some blogs.
And, yes, maybe some more hours of sleep within the day!
Who could be happier, right?

Happy weekend to all!
I hope that you will also be as joyful as I am now!