No Dengue but a Carbuncle

I had fever and muscle fatigue and flu like symptoms last Wednesday.

I wen to the doctor and I was advised that I might have caught a common virus.

She wrote CVI in my pink slip.

Thursday morning, I felt better, maybe because of the paracetamol and good rest, if you may call it like that.

I actually slept in the living room–new sofa–like a bed because I was worried that my son might catch the virus. My son sleeps beside me.

Anyways, I went home Thurday night and I noticed some pain on my right leg, frontolateral of my external leg.

I think it is a carbuncle.

I searched again for the term and found out that below are symptoms before carbuncle:

  • itching before the lump appears
  • bodily aches
  • fatigue
  • fever
  • skin crustiness or oozing

Hair removal cream versus shaving

I just want to write about a Health Update. Yes, my health updates!
I have a furuncle! Disgusting, is it not? Well, because of shaving, I suppose. It is located at my right armpit area, near my bossom. I had similar conditions in the past especially when my period is nearing and the whole duration of it. This one is different, though! It started from shaving and maybe I had a small cut. I noticed that it was bulging and I just did not mind it for a week. Come Monday, September 21 I felt pain and I needed to go to the clinic. I might go to a surgeon already to drain it. Yikes and Ouch!!!

Today is my seventh day of antibiotics. The pain is gone and the swelling subsided. The furuncle is still here though. Just a small one.

What to do now? Well, I might just use hair removal creams and avoid shaving already.

You are already Diabetic and here is a box of Metformin for you

You are already Diabetic. That’s the endocrinologist’s conclusion after seeing my lab results. I tried to deny it. I am still in that stage. Anyways, I was given Metformin. The pharmacist gave me 120 pcs for a 60 day supply. Well, I was given a little hope that if my next lab results will show that my blood sugar has been normalized, the meds can be taken away. So, take one before breakfast and one before dinner. That’s the instruction!

Today, I had my first taste of Metformin, 830AM here in my office time to be exact. What are my plans now? Of course, I want to get out of this phase of my life if I can. It will be a very hard journey as I need to watch everything that I will eat and of course, the EXERCISE thing…I have to do it, at least 30 minutes a day.

Wish me luck, guys!

The diagnosis is Diabetes

Is it the Diabetes? Yes, I am diagnosed to have high blood sugar. As I have mentioned in my last post, I have not been feeling well lately. The whole month of June until first week of July and actually until now, I feel that I am not in my normal pink of health.

Last June 30, I had my FBS and HBA1C and PPBG2H. Well, the first two said that I am diabetic. Beginning July 1, I have been listing down all the food that I am eating and what I feel after eating. I am very conscious though I am deviating again and bought two bard of chocolates. Not also strict on the rice intake as I still take white. I try to manage though. No more over eating, I guess.

Anyways, I shall meet with the Endocrinologist on July 14, 2015. I hope that he will be able to help me with my condition. I hope that it could still be reversed by modifying my lifestyle.

Recording my sickness

Yes, I would just like to record here what I am feeling. Well, I feel being strangled of sort or something is stuck in my throat. I need to burp from time to time for me to be able to breathe and feel better or at ease. What could be this? Well, it is almost a month. I really hope to go back to Normal–soon!

forever forty

Happy Easter to all! In other parts of the world, it is still Easter Sunday. In my side of the earth, it is already a Monday morning! After less than five hours of sleep, here I am, alive! Thank You, God!

What did I do the four days that I have been here at home? HOME! They term it staycation? Well, sounds like procrastination?

Anyways, one thing. Yes, Diet again! It is serious this time as I have been experiencing an almost date with stroke or heart attack for quite a few ocassions already. Too much eating ot drinking will just bring me to forever in my 40s!

The day one officially begins!


Sunday is almost over. I am really quite sad. Maybe I am still within the PMS, DMS and PMS. Oh, before I forget, this is my record of what I have been experiencing lately. I had my first day last Thursday, February 27. Then, I noticed a lump or a boil in my right armpit area or almost boob area. I am quite alarmed. Well, I have been experiencing pain at my right breast also for quite sometime now.