Break that wall

I am emotional today. I do not know why. Well, sometimes we stop and rethink and realized what life is really all about. What and why we do things? What life is really about?

Holy week is here… It is actually my favorite season of the year. We get to reflect. We get closer to God and to our loved ones. We learn to forgive.

In my heart, I want to forgive and forget. But then again, why is it very hard to do? I keep that wall. I do not want to be hurt again…or I want to punish those who have hurt me…but then again, I know that the right thing to do is to really start again. Build new relationships. Give one another that one more chance…as everybody deserves it.

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all! For Filipinos, Dec. 25, 2011 had passed. How’s your noche buena?

Holidays is not over though! Vacation is just about to start for others.

Yesterday was just simple for us. We remember that it is Jesus Christ’s Birthday! We had spaghetti, chicken, ham and bread. For dessert, we had our favorite Milk Chocolate with Almonds ice cream and fresh fruits! Most of all, our family was complete plus other kins!

The highlight of the Christmas day was when Dex finally opened his gifts. He was able to control himself not to take a peek before Christmas! He was so happy with his pellet armalite. Well, his favorite game is Lazer Blaster. He also had character toys–Ben 10 from my generous sister! A gleam ball came from one of his cousins and Dex loves it. He uses it for massaging also as it vibrates.

Come morning, kids from the village starting knocking at our gate, ” Mamasko po!” Good thing I had a jar of coins. I lost count but definitely, kids who came were more than 50. Almost all of them, I just saw that day!

Christmas Day was good. It was full of blessings. The Gift of God, his Son, Jesus, indeed is the greatest gift of all! Thank you God!

Live Like A Cell

Live Like A Cell–I learned it from our trainer in World Class English, Dr. Dups.

According to Dr. Dups, we should all live like a cell. Our body is composed of millions of cells, or even billions. These cells should be in harmony with one another. It means that these cells should not fight. These cells should always be healthy. Cells adapt and change to whatever stimulus the brain signals them to do.

Be positive. Let your cells be healthy as always. Erase negative thoughts. Have clean living. Eat well. Exercise. Have enough sleep.

With that, let me bid goodnight and let my cells recuperate and be ready for another day when I wake up tomorrow. :)

The smiley face

Whenever we are down and lonely, whenever we have no one to turn to, who comes into our minds? What do we do?

KC Concepcion’s famous lines when she was blurting her heart out about the end of her relationship with Piolo,
“Talaga pong ngayong time na to, yung pinaka, never pa ko nakapagdasal ng ganitong sobra, Diyos na iyon, puwede ba ako magtiwala, eh Diyos yan, siya lang po ang nagging kakampi ko sa lahat.”
Translate: This is the time that I prayed most. It is God. Can I give my trust? It is God, my only ally in everything.

I have that feeling right now. I entrust everything to Him. I worry a lot. It does not show because I am the ever smiley face around. When people say that it seems that I am always happy and looks like everything okay, I think those are the times that He is telling me, Hey, All will be fine as I am with you.

Inefficient Managers

Dirk Zeller wrote that there are two varieties of inefficient managers. To my surprise, as I read the summary of his book, Successful Time Management for Dummies, a workaholic manager is inefficient! The other variety of course, is the obvious lazy manager or the procrastinator.

Well, why this struck me so much? I tend to be workaholic but maybe not yet to the real definition of the word. I am not really that addicted yet to working as I still know how to stop. There are still days that I feel lazy. There are actually days that I just watch my favorite TV shows all day and all night. I never leave the room except when nature calls or I feel hungry already.

Anyways, I know that there are something wrong with how I live my life if I am to base it in Dirk Zeller’s book. I have to manage my time more effectively so that I could reach my dreams and some form of success. No wonder, I am still where I am while my contemporaries are already somewhere else. Maybe, the key is time management.

As I look back, yes, there were points in my life that my world seemed stopped revolving or I just watched time passed by. There were attempts for me to resurrect myself but maybe it was not hard enough.

In the book, Zeller recommends that we should have time to evaluate ourselves at the end of the day even for 15 to 20 minutes. Then at the end of the week, a 90 to 120 minutes evaluation might be necessary.

I know it is not yet too late to start, huh! As long as there is life. As long as you still wake up in the morning. There is still hope.

My niece and nephew

Good news and bad news but still good news… Well, my niece and nephew were both afflicted by Dengue. Bad news, they got sick and their lives were in danger. They are fine now and my nephew was released from the hospital yesterday. Tomorrow, my niece will be going out already also. Good news!

Another good news is knowing those people you can always count on in hard times like this. Who else but your family! My sister said that everyday was always like a family reunion in the hospital. Even though what they were experiencing that time was really scary, they were sort of encircled or shielded by positivity which comes from the love and care of the people around them. I am glad that I am one of them.

Thank you to all who prayed for my sister’s kids! God bless us all!