Category: inspirational

Mar 30

Break that wall

I am emotional today. I do not know why. Well, sometimes we stop and rethink and realized what life is really all about. What and why we do things? What life is really about? Holy week is here… It is actually my favorite season of the year. We get to reflect. We get closer to …

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Dec 26

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas to all! For Filipinos, Dec. 25, 2011 had passed. How’s your noche buena? Holidays is not over though! Vacation is just about to start for others. Yesterday was just simple for us. We remember that it is Jesus Christ’s Birthday! We had spaghetti, chicken, ham and bread. For dessert, we had our favorite …

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Dec 20

Live Like A Cell

Live Like A Cell–I learned it from our trainer in World Class English, Dr. Dups. According to Dr. Dups, we should all live like a cell. Our body is composed of millions of cells, or even billions. These cells should be in harmony with one another. It means that these cells should not fight. These …

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Dec 02

The smiley face

Whenever we are down and lonely, whenever we have no one to turn to, who comes into our minds? What do we do? KC Concepcion’s famous lines when she was blurting her heart out about the end of her relationship with Piolo, ‚ÄúTalaga pong ngayong time na to, yung pinaka, never pa ko nakapagdasal ng …

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Sep 20

Inefficient Managers

Dirk Zeller wrote that there are two varieties of inefficient managers. To my surprise, as I read the summary of his book, Successful Time Management for Dummies, a workaholic manager is inefficient! The other variety of course, is the obvious lazy manager or the procrastinator. Well, why this struck me so much? I tend to …

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Sep 26

My niece and nephew

Good news and bad news but still good news… Well, my niece and nephew were both afflicted by Dengue. Bad news, they got sick and their lives were in danger. They are fine now and my nephew was released from the hospital yesterday. Tomorrow, my niece will be going out already also. Good news! Another …

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Jul 24

The rubber ball and the four balls made of glass

Whew! It is Saturday once again! Well, I still have to go to the office today but it is okay. Tomorrow, it will be my rest day. I would just like to share this very good e-mail I got from one of my office mates. So, enjoy your weekend, everyone! Make sure to think of …

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