One by one

Time flies so fast. I could not imagine that I am already 44. Is my age correct? I had to compute again. Yes, I always have to recompute my age. I still feel that I am in my 20s. Well, I am a late bloomer of sort, maybe! Yes, in terms of maturity, I think I only started just recently… Well, you know, to be responsible for me and my family in all aspects– health, money, spirituality, amongst others.

So, the title of this post is “One by one”… Creepy? Well, yes, since it is about leaving earth. Time flies…and time ends…and start again, at least huh…for those who have left earth then they have a new life in Heaven. I am sure, a great one!

I am writing this post as one of my Big Brothers in Church passed away yesterday. Then, I was able to read my post about Cloudeight who passed away last year.

One by one, we will leave this Earth…let us make the most out of it by doing good…

Just another twenty years

So, I am really keeping this blog until my last breath? How morbid, right? Honestly, I am trying to prepare myself for things like that. As they say, all of us will die, right?

Anyways, I always pray for good health for me and my family. I am very specific on my request. Just another twenty years which will be enough for us to prepare our child to live alone.

In limbo

There are days that you feel weak.

Well, weak and lazy and uninspired.

I am trying to listen to Gospel music so that I will be inspired once again.

I do not know if this is the effect of aging?

Well, since I reached 40 this April, I really am sort of tired?

Oh, too early to give up on life, huh?

Just yesterday, after eating dinner, I went straight to the room.

My husband asked me if I do not want to be with him and our son.

Of course, I said, I wanted to be with them/

I just wanted to sort of relax and prepare for the whole week ahead of working again/

Well, maybe it is because of all the pressure here in the office?

What pressure then if I am not really doing anything.

Well, maybe, just in limbo, being transferred to a new group?

I do not know, I really do not know.

High electric bill

Wohoo! The electric bill is very high! Well, it is very hot and the air-con use could not be avoided. To think it was only 15 days that we have been using the air-con our electric bill has already been doubled compared to the last reading. Oh, well! Should it be heat stroke or a little increase in the bill?

I want many kids

I read an article about a woman who gave birth to 22 children. According to her, the church is partly to blame because of the teaching, go forth and multiply. My question: how about abstinence? I believe it is also being taught in church.

Well, my stand always is I do not have any right to judge anybody.

Let me just talk about myself.

I so wanted many children. Oh, upon seeing my first born and only child, I was full of joy and until now, he has been the source of my strength and the reason why I wake up every morning. Kids are adorable.

My reasons for not having another child? Having a child is a big responsibility. That is what I and my husband think. We do not come from an affluent family. What my husband and I have right now came from our blood and sweat. We still do not have that big money as savings. We only have our house and lot as our property. If my husband and I would be gone right now, I could not assure that my son would be alright.