Category: life

Feb 14

Just another twenty years

So, I am really keeping this blog until my last breath? How morbid, right? Honestly, I am trying to prepare myself for things like that. As they say, all of us will die, right? Anyways, I always pray for good health for me and my family. I am very specific on my request. Just another …

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May 08

In limbo

There are days that you feel weak. Well, weak and lazy and uninspired. I am trying to listen to Gospel music so that I will be inspired once again. I do not know if this is the effect of aging? Well, since I reached 40 this April, I really am sort of tired? Oh, too …

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Apr 17

High electric bill

Wohoo! The electric bill is very high! Well, it is very hot and the air-con use could not be avoided. To think it was only 15 days that we have been using the air-con our electric bill has already been doubled compared to the last reading. Oh, well! Should it be heat stroke or a …

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Jan 17

I want many kids

I read an article about a woman who gave birth to 22 children. According to her, the church is partly to blame because of the teaching, go forth and multiply. My question: how about abstinence? I believe it is also being taught in church. Well, my stand always is I do not have any right …

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