Category: parenting

May 17

Honing Someone

Well, being a manager or a team lead, you got so much responsibilities if you take it seriously… I am saying this because I have encountered different kinds of leaders. To each his own, they say. Well, yes, it is like being a parent. It is really a big challenge to hone someone. Who am …

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Jul 19

His best talent is making me smile

My son is growing up so fast and more than ever, he gets a grip of things and he interprets it on his own. I need to really be careful and yes, I have to have more units in psychology. Last night, we were watching TV and a child who has an extraordinary talent was …

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Oct 26

Reviewing for Math exam

I am helping my son review for his Math exam tomorrow. It was fun as I learned estimation once again. At first I did not understand. Well, my son asked me why. Oh, I just opened the computer and asked Google, huh! So, we were able to finish reviewing in one hour. Thank you for …

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Jan 15

Study harder

Yey! Son got higher grades this grading period! We thought that he will have lower grades considering the results of his recent exams. Anyways, I told my son to study harder because it is for his future. I know that he listens well. I pray that my son will grow up to have good values. …

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