Honing Someone

Well, being a manager or a team lead, you got so much responsibilities if you take it seriously… I am saying this because I have encountered different kinds of leaders. To each his own, they say. Well, yes, it is like being a parent. It is really a big challenge to hone someone. Who am I to judge? I am a parent myself and I know, I am not doing a good job yet. There are so many things to improve on. Yes, I am taking it seriously.

His best talent is making me smile

My son is growing up so fast and more than ever, he gets a grip of things and he interprets it on his own. I need to really be careful and yes, I have to have more units in psychology.

Last night, we were watching TV and a child who has an extraordinary talent was featured in a commercial. I was amazed of the child and I verbally expressed it. He heard it and he told me that he has the cheapest pest products and it is just that nobody has ordered yet. Imagine that! I just tried to make him feel special and told him that his best talent is making me smile.

No need to compete with others, Son. You are the best in Mommy’s eyes.

Reviewing for Math exam

I am helping my son review for his Math exam tomorrow. It was fun as I learned estimation once again. At first I did not understand. Well, my son asked me why. Oh, I just opened the computer and asked Google, huh! So, we were able to finish reviewing in one hour.

Thank you for the learning, my son. :)

Study harder

Yey! Son got higher grades this grading period! We thought that he will have lower grades considering the results of his recent exams. Anyways, I told my son to study harder because it is for his future. I know that he listens well. I pray that my son will grow up to have good values. I can see that he has qualities that would really help him in the future. I just pray that he maintains that or even improve for the better.