Only the good memories of Papa

I had another dream of my Dad. Maybe he is saying that he is watching us from Up There. Thank you, Papa…

My father and I had a very colorful relationship. At first I was afraid of him. You know, being a child having a father that was old enough to be my grandfather or even a great grandfather. He was 47 years old older than me. He was a lawyer too. He was fond of me, I should say. His favorite though was our youngest sister who was named after her.

As I grew older, I learned to face him as my father. There are bad memories too but I prefer to share the happy ones. He had been a father to us, indeed. He brought us to shopping also. I remember that time when my sister was to attend her high school prom, Papa brought us to the mall and bought us dresses.

I have not really been a good daughter. Oh, if I could only be brave enough to write all my shortcomings as a daughter. But then again, I know that Papa already forgave me. He told me in my dreams.

Yes, once in a while, Papa appears in my dreams. I began to get used to it. Maybe it is his way of reminding us, there is someone we could count on. He reminds us that hey, we should support each other. We are a family.

Secret pasts

I woke up from a dream of my past. Past that only I and some people close to me knows of. I could not say that was totally a dark one that I should keep it a secret. Sometimes, you just do not want to dwell in it so much. Somehow, it haunted me, maybe, that was why I dreamed of it?

Everybody has his own past. Good, bad, happy, sad ones. I think we should choose to remember those that help us become better persons.

I must move on. Maybe, I should just make those sad pasts my inspiration. The darker ones? I think they should remain unseen because it may not be worth it if I will be telling it to everyone.

A beautiful Thursday morning to all! Til next time!