To buy or not to buy new flat shoes

Flat shoes- love them! Well, any kind of shoes, for that matter, since there is an Imelda in all women out there, do you agree?

Anyways, my friends asked me to go with them on a shoe sale! A particular high end brand has an on going buy one take one promo. Believe me, I really wanted to huy if only I had not ordered two pairs of Marikina made doll shoes already which I shall be receiving next week. My friends took the offer and they are very happy!!

Sale is on going so maybe I still have the chance to change my mind and eventually give in. 😉

Love Affair with the Strings

Whenever w go to the mall, there is a place that we make as our meeting place in case that our phone batteries got drained and there is no way for us to get in touch with each other. Where else but at guitar center! Well, I am outnumbered because I have tow boys and I am the only girl in the family. Anyways, we do not find guitars only at the guitar center. There are other musical instruments too. Have I mentioned that I know how to play the banduria? It is just that, I do not like to rekindle that love affair with the strings because I do not want the banduria to be like the ukelele that we bought last time. What happened? No one plays it anymore. I decided to just start learn playing that since we already purchased that one. So, ukelele first, then maybe, banduria again in the future.

He buys anything

My husband showed me the new bracelet that he bought online. Yes, he did it again! I wonder why I have not seen a fishman aura bought by him. Well, he is a musician and I guess, he should be investing in those gadgets. Anyways, my husbands shopaholicness is very versatile. I could not comprehend nor converse but he just buys everything that catches his eye.

Forget all the worries and shop

I really do not feel well. I mean, I am not sick but inside, there is something bothering me. Maybe, I did not meet my standards again? Well, I tried not to talk to my husband about what happened in the office yesterday. I promised to leave work in the office and enjoy my weekend. Go to the mall and shop! Yes, that;s my plan for today! Forget all the worries! :)

Friends shop the same things

My friend’s husband is in India once again. The last time, he brought her a bracelet with pandora charms. My friend has been using that bracelet since then. I envy her of sort as I do love charms also. I decided to buy myself a set! Well, I am fond of earrings and rings too! My friend is okay with the idea as we usually buy the same things when we shop. This time, someone bought it ahead for her.

I want a new bag!

A new bag as a gift to myself? Yes, I am tempted! Oh, well, I have two expensive bags that are just there dusting under the bed. A Lacoste and a Tommy Hilfiger. Both are tote bags. The Lacoste bag is actually a market bag, I guess. I use it when I go to the province. It is very roomy. Big enough for two days clothes. Yes, I can say that it is my weekend getaway bag. The TH leather bag functions as a laptop bag. However, since I have a laptop in the office, I do not really bring my own laptop anymore. Besides, the bag’s material is made up of heavy leather.

This previous office mate of mine who used to sell us bag is now in FB where she continues to sell. I am really tempted every time she posts new collections. The bags that she sells are affordable enough for its brands.

To buy or not to buy? I really do not know. Better if someone can just give me. 😉