Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

I love Bruno Mars! Well, I am influenced by my husband who is more musical than me. According to my husband Bruno sings like Michael Jackson.

I first heard of Versace on the Floor in the Carpool Karaoke Featuring Bruno. It was upbeat and sexy, very Bruno Mars. I did not focus on the lyrics then. All I know is that it is an upbeat song sang by Bruno which is a good song.

Then, one of my FB friends posted a video of his four year old daughter, singing Versace on the Floor. It said that it’s the current fave of his daughter and the Mom has yet to explain what does the song mean.

What does the song mean? Is it okay for a four year old to sing this? I watched a morning show featuring two local artists who created their version of Versace on the Floor. While they were singing, the lyrics were being flashed on the screen.

Versace on the Floor is a very real song about two lovers and how they express their passionate love for each other. Not for four year olds maybe but c’mon, Bruno is an artist. Consider the song as a nude painting by a famous artist.