Big Feat!

So, I paid P200. Lost 400PhP again in the biggest loser program! It is okay as I lost 5.7lbs! Well, I know that it will be hard to maintain though. Anyways, I would like to declare that I am 162.8 or 163lbs as of today. ..errr this morning, around 10AM as I have not taken water since last night upto that time. Considering that I played badminton for almost 30 minutes and one hour of light aerobics, I did not drink water. So, yes, it could be water weight, the 2 lbs difference. I am actually still at 165lbs, I guess. So, ready to lose more money? Yes, I agreed again for the maintenance of that 163lbs! Well, my target weight is actually, 160lbs at least by the end of June. I wish to be 140 by the end of the year 2012. Big feat,huh!

Still at 169 lbs.

I was afraid to check my weight knowing that I pigged out this week. Actually, I started eating “normal” again last January 14 until January 21. Well, today is January 22 and I plan to diet again.

Why I went back to eating? My co-worker laughed at me when I told her that I have cough thus I must eat. I laughed at the idea too! :) Well, I do not know but I know myself and my health. Besides, one of the rules in the contest is to stay healthy. No sick leaves!

So, the weight is still at 169 lbs. I know, I must maintain that or even make it lower if I want to reach my goal.

The Biggest Loser Challenge in The Office

One of the good things that the TV show, The Biggest Loser imparts is the weight loss campaign. It also promotes healthy living. In the office, someone started our own TBL! I joined! The entrance fee is P500. There are 16 participants and the money is 8K. Whoever has the highest weight loss percentage after three months will win the Eight thousand Pesos! I hope to win!

Initial weigh in was last January 4, 2012. I weighed 175 lbs! At my weighing scale at home, it was 174.6 lbs. As of today, I am at 172.2. Well, Today is January 8 and 4 days has passed. 2.4 lbs in 4 days, not bad, huh! That is without exercise yet.

I plan to cut on food intake first until the Holiday food is already gone. 172 was my pre-Holiday weight, actually. If I reached the plateau in dieting, I will then combine exercise.

Any suggestions?