My Own Adobo recipe

I realized that I have not visited this blog for quite sometime already. I have been quite busy at work. I was about to write what happened the past week until today regarding my diet, career, review, and all about me but seeing two comments in the previous post inspired me to write about my own adobo recipe. Then I thought that I could add another category in this blog and that is , the cooking mom! Pretty cool, huh! I love that title because I am not really a good cook. I just cook without any recipe. I make my own experiments. Maybe I got it from my Mom? Hahaha! She is also not a good cook!

Anyways, let me share to you my Adobo masterpiece. According to my husband, it was really good and he is asking me to cook it again… Here it is…

1. Boil the pork and chicken in water with a little salt until tender. ( I am sorry but I really did not time this)

2. Transfer the chicken and pork in a pan and add a little soup until the oil from the meat comes out. ( Do not throw the water that you used for boiling because you will still use it later)

3. Add garlic and onion. Saute the meat in those spices until you could already smell that distinct aroma.

4. Add the water that you used for boiling. ( around three cups)

5. Add  vinegar. ( around 2/3 cup) ( It will depend on how sour you want your Adobo. Husband does not like it sour or else, he will call it Paksiw already 😉 )

6. Add soy sauce ( around 1 cup)

7. Let it boil and settle until the pork fat is really really soft.

8. Add around 1 table spoon of sugar.

9. Ready to serve with a prayer that husband will like it. :)

For the ingredients, please refer to the post below.

By the way, there is a shortcut and see if it will also taste the same.

1. Put all the ingredients in the pan( meat, garlic, onion, 2 cups of water, 2 cups of soy sauce, 1 cup vinegar) and let it boil until tender and oil had come out from the meat and the meat is soft already.

2. Add 1 table spoon sugar

3. Ready to serve with a prayer that husband will like it. :)