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Jul 31

Salad and Tuna

Eat salad and Tuna three times a day and that is 720 calories only! Well, it says that 200 g of romaine is only 120 calries. Add a can of tuna which is also around 120 calries. You have 240 calories per meal! However, isn’t it lonely? Anyways, I really do not plan to totally …

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Jul 30

Gained 2 kilos in Five Days

Gained 2 kilos in Five Days! Wah!!! That is the result of eating almost or more than 5K calories per day? I was 78.4 kilos last July 25. But then again, somebody treated us free lunch! Then in the afternoon, there was cake! I ate cake again and some salad dinner time! I was 79.7 …

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Jan 30

Not even a pound

Okay, I lost not even a pound after two days of somehow starving myself during the day. I eat at night though. Still no exercise. What to do now? Maybe, weighing myself everyday is really not a good idea. Oh, I should really make life changes. Okay, exercise should really a must and maybe, really …

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Jan 27

20 kilos to lose

Okay. I am at my heaviest of 83 kilos. That is even heavier than my nine months pregnant weight! I weighed in and it said 82.7 kilos, so that meant I drank not too much water yesterday. Well, I took the diet coffee and did some walking– from trying to reach Makati riding and transferring …

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Sep 15

Easy to gain, hard to lose

You might be wondering what happened to my three day diet? Well, I did lose some pounds. Anyways, after that bout, I cheated again. I can say that I am back to my old eating habit for three days now. It is the third day. I am now on 78.3 kg again. How fast it …

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Sep 08

Lose the kilos and not the pounds

I survived the second day! I am so proud of myself. Well, you know, no rice and no junk food! I was also able to control myself to take tiny bites of what is being offered to me! Well, yes, three day diet once again! At least it will be easier for me to finish …

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Jul 06

Forever day one

Yes, it has been forever day one as far as the start of my diet is concerned. I weighed myself and I am quite sad to see that I am already at 79 kg. Worse, I switched to pounds and it was 174.4. Oh, no! What is happening to me? Okay, it is day one …

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Jun 24

No to stress hormones

I gave in to the craving of salmon, sashimi and shrimps. So, today, a new day again. I can do it I know. It is just that, it is really hard. Well, I just have to focus I know. No tress too. Cortisol go away. I do not need stress hormones. I will lose weight.

Jun 11

More than ten pounds in one week!

Yes, here am I once again talking about my diet. I stopped stepping on the weighing scale once again. Well, what for? I know that I weigh pretty much the same or even heavier than before when I was in that 170 plus pounds mark. What went wrong? Stress eating maybe… My husband and I …

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Jun 10

When the tummy is bigger than the buttocks

I was in a sidelying position and I noticed that my tummy is bigger than my buttocks. I exclaimed, I am nine months pregnant or at least my body looks like one! Well, that is after feasting over lunch! Where did my diet go? Tomorrow is Monday, and you know what my next sentence is… …

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