My own Big Four

Funny but really, many people wish they could have more friends if they can. It is a fact that one has few friends. If a person has more than ten friends then he or she is lucky!
I have few friends. Besides my family and sisters, only few people that I do not have any blood relation, I could consider as a friend.

In the office, I thank God that I found some friends. I want to name them right now so that I can count them. They are Tim, Maricar, Mems and Choi. Wow, that is four, already. Well, I am closest to these four right now. They will be three by next week as Mems will be reporting to another team already. It really saddens me because of the four, it is Mems who I am always with. We are actually sitting opposite each other. Oh, I will really miss her. Anyways, Choi will be there for me, I know. Tim is reporting to another group and I have to cross the floor to reach her. Would you believe that even though we are at the same floor, we still text each other? Crazy, huh. Maricar is the quiet type but I can always count on her. During one of the worst crises in my life, she was really there physically and materially. She was very helpful.

Friends come and go. Thank you to my Big Four. Friends forever!