Category: the wife in me

Dec 26

Your game is out of sync

I love playing Mall world. It takes my time nowadays. It relaxes me. Yes, I am addicted to FB games again, you may say. Anyways, I always see the prompt, Your game is out of sync… please refresh whenever I am already playing for so many hours… Do you sometimes feel that your life is …

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Sep 19

No other reason

I already finished an apple yet I am still sleepy. Is it time to drink the black coffee? Better yet, is it time to go back to bed. How many of you feel sleepy all the time? Oh, no! Am I pregnant? That could not be? Maybe I am just really tired and needs some …

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Sep 05

For a lifetime

Women are born to multitask! Just like me! While I am blogging, writing posts and doing EC drops, I am washing the clothes and cooking at the same time. I actually want to clean the ref too but I guess, my hands are full. Men on the other hand are more of the concentrated creature. …

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Sep 04

I broke a glass!

I came from the groceries and I wanted to fix the kitchen. You know, unwashed dishes and messy refrigerator, totally, the whole kitchen was messy and it is still is as I stopped to write this post. 😉 Anyways, I finished washing the spoons and glasses. Yes, I always do dishwashing by batch. Weird, huh? …

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Aug 29

Plain housewife

Yihee! The wife is going to have a date with her husband today! Yes, that is me! We are going out in a little while. My husband and I only. The kid preferred to stay home? Hubby asked him if he would like to stay home. Hahahaha! Not big though! Just to the malls! I …

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Aug 27

Husband cleaning the house

I am quite guilty the past two days already. Well, my husband is doing all the general cleaning on his own. I was really surprised yesterday to actually see a dining area inside our home! Well, you know, the dining table free from all the clutter. I saw a big black plastic bag at the …

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Jul 20

Husband forgot his mobile phone

I hate it when husband is out of touch. I could still remember when he was still working abroad and I could not get in touch with him because he forgot to bring his mobile phone, it gave me some worries to death! Today, he went out and the place he is going to is …

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