Budgeting Time as Time is Diamond

I am not really good in Budgeting. Well, Budgeting everything, I guess.
For now, I want to talk about Budgeting Time.
As they say, Time is Gold. I would say, even Diamond! Yes, time is Diamond… or say the most expensive thing of all.

I am actually trying to reflect right now about it.
Yes, I will make a plan from now on and budget that Precious time.

Wish me luck!

Time bound

Am I getting addicted to time management? It is a good addiction, right? Anyways, I am getting more and more conscious of my time and I have to schedule everything. I amĀ  progressing of getting an alarm clock and time all my tasks. Am I going crazy?

My boss said that time is very important. I agree. Time when lost you cannot bring back.