The worst thing to fight about is money

The worst thing to fight about is money. It seems very hurtful. I have known many people who have separated because of money. That is why, I really try to avoid this. As I have matured these years, I have learned to be more careful in my words and thoughts so that bad ones will not be turned into action. I will just be at the losing end because of course, I do not want to have enemies because of money matters and eventually lose someone. My husband already lost a friend because of that. Well, it is not my husband who fought that person. The one who is indebted to us just walked away and lost contact. It is sad because we lost Thousand of Dollars which we could have used for the future of our son or maybe pay for our own debts or maybe use it for leisure. Most importantly, we lost a friend.

I am anonymous

Sometimes, when you want to vent out–you would like to vent out anonymously. Well, how can there be traffic if you do not advertise your blog or ask your friends to visit? The only thing that you need to avoid is to write about them, right? Well, that is the downside especially if your blog is a personal one and your outlet to feel better when you are down.

For record purposes

I am writing this post for record purposes. Funny, but really, I am already forgetful nowadays. I even want everything to be in naked glass or transparent containers so that I can see everything.

Anyways, it is a rainy day today and I am on vacation leave. It is my fifth day in the house since Saturday as Monday and Tuesday were Holidays. I planned to do many things the past five days but I think I only accomplished two things considering that it is almost 5PM already and the day is about to end. Well, I was able to wash clothes and iron some of my office clothes. I was also able to pay the rent in the cemetery where my brother was laid to rest. Imagine, my last payment was 2011 based on the records. I could not really remember. Anyways, thus, this post. I paid for 2012-2016 already so I hope next year, I will only pay the regular yearly rent.