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Sep 23

Weekend should be quality time with the family

I am already sleepy but you know I still have many things to do. It is a weekend, a Sunday at that! Well, I have been late for almost everyday of the week last week because I had to iron the clothes that I will wear for that day. I will not let that happen …

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Sep 15

When your body told you to stop

Yes, my body told me to stop. It is not that I am procrastinating once again but I am just tired. I pushed myself that hard and my overtime hours can tell. Still, I am behind schedule or maybe I just projected a time that is not realistic to reach. Anyways, it is a learning …

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Sep 08

Success in time management

I have been really pretty busy lately. I do not have time to do Facebooking, Twittering and even Blogging. I think it has been the longest that I have not updated this blog. Oh, since August 27, it was quite sometime. Yes, you can say that I have not really been successful yet in my …

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Aug 27


Sometimes, I feel that there is no equal distribution of workload in the office. Other people are more busy than the others. Well, maybe I should be thankful when I am very much loaded? Besides, I really do not know what the others are working on or how hard their jobs are. That is the …

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Jul 05

Son sick again

Son sick again. The usual cough and colds due to change of weather or he caught it somewhere? Expenses in meds again? That is the least of my worry. My worry is his health. I really hope and pray that he get well soon. I left home with a heavy heart knowing that he needs …

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Jun 10

I missed our team building

I did not attend our very first real team building. What are my reasons of not attending? My son got sick last week. The organizers were asking us to decide right away and I just told them that I will not attend because my son is sick. They accepted my decision. I know that they …

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Apr 18

The Appraisal

So, I got my performance appraisal last Monday. Was it okay? Well, looking at the 3s and 4s, generally okay. Maybe, I just believe in myself too much–that is where the disappointment comes in or my boss just has high standards? Well, one thing, commitment is never enough. You have to be equipped with skills …

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Mar 26

BABOK Training

Hey, yes, I am a BA! Busy Anna! 🙂 Well, I will be having a BABOK training this week! Yey! Actually, one of my co-workers commented that we actually do not need that anymore as we are already doing what we are going to learn there. She may be right on the premise that before …

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Mar 19

Get the faith back

I did pray last night for time to slow down. I guess I could not keep up with this agile world. I need to rebuild my strength. I need to regroup. I have tons of things to do and I am at lost. Oh, it is not me. What to do? I have to get …

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Feb 24

The project

I left the office yesterday an even during my commute going home, thoughts of my recent project keep running insie my mind. Whoa! Finally, I got home. I ate my dinner. I watched TV afterwards. Then, I woke up at around 230AM with the thoughts of my recent project again insisting and keeping my grey …

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