One by one

Time flies so fast. I could not imagine that I am already 44. Is my age correct? I had to compute again. Yes, I always have to recompute my age. I still feel that I am in my 20s. Well, I am a late bloomer of sort, maybe! Yes, in terms of maturity, I think I only started just recently… Well, you know, to be responsible for me and my family in all aspects– health, money, spirituality, amongst others.

So, the title of this post is “One by one”… Creepy? Well, yes, since it is about leaving earth. Time flies…and time ends…and start again, at least huh…for those who have left earth then they have a new life in Heaven. I am sure, a great one!

I am writing this post as one of my Big Brothers in Church passed away yesterday. Then, I was able to read my post about Cloudeight who passed away last year.

One by one, we will leave this Earth…let us make the most out of it by doing good…

To celebrate or not to celebrate

Sometimes it is just good to keep things to yourself. It is a sign of humility. I am really thankful that day by day, I learn to do that. There are days that I am still this proud woman but I got to contemplate at the end of the day and just pray that I will not make the same sin again.

So, what is up with the title? Well, I have no right to claim or to brag about anything but I am just thankful to God that I got upgraded and yes, that means a salary increase. Would you believe that I learned about that news since June 22? Well, I have to be discreet about it as consideration for others. There was a new or sort of “implemented” old policy regarding salary increase. I am blessed to have movement thus I am not affected this year.

So, how did I celebrate? I just praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing and told my husband about it. Now, I am telling all of you. This blog is sort of my personal journal and it really gets as personal as it can get in terms of what I write.

All Honor and Glory Be To God for this wonderful blessing!

Domain Renewal

Gosh! Good thing that I checked my GoDaddy account! Domains are expiring very soon! What to do? Good thing as I checked my Paypal account, somebody paid! Wow! I am so happy! God is really good! This week has been really a good one. Thank You, Lord!

You know, even if I am not really a full time blogger, I do not want to lose my domains because, I think, somehow, I have established these already being in the world wide web for almost ten years now. As long as there are funds to renew the domains, of course, I shall continue to renew. I have not really kept track of the ROI but one thing, what I spend for these domains came from blogging anyways.

For a Great Dad

We went to the mall yesterday. Well, it was Father’s Day! We went there not to celebrate, though. We had our usual trip to the Supermarket inside the mall. The not so usual thing that we did is to just eat tuna salad sandwich for lunch. Yum! I also had a slice of Pizza! Cheat weekends! Anyways, I somehow felt guilty not being able to give my husband, who is a very good Dad, any gift. Maybe I could let him check out the bass guitars at Well, that would not be a maybe. I am sure that he would really be able to pick one since I am already offering.


What do I like to write today? I committed an error. However, with the grace of God, the error did not affect anyone but me. Well, I cannot really divulge the details here because it is confidential.

I thank God today for His blessing. For making me feel His Holy Spirit, reminding me to be more humble and kinder in my ways. I am not great. I can commit errors that maybe some people will take against me–I wholeheartedly accept the error. I ask forgiveness and I think I need to forgive myself as well.

Trusted source

When you talk about starcaster at, it is like talking about a real star. That is what guitar lovers will say, I am sure. Who does not want to have a starcaster, right? My hubby himself will like to have a new guitar. He found some sale items in the net but I recommend that he buys from a trusted source. Then, he saw starcaster. That is the end of the story, if you know what I mean.

The No Rice Diet

I am on my 14th day of no rice diet. Well, I have not lost much weight since I am not really depriving myself of food and carbohydrates. I just eliminated RICE.

Tomorrow, I plan to eliminate more carbs as I think I really need to take this diet to the next level. That is after lazing around for four days.