Mar 03

Blogging for Eight Years Now

So, it was March 3,2010 when I started this blog!
Today is March 3, 2018!
I have been blogging for eight years now!
Well, I have created many blogs but I decided to keep this one.
Maybe because, I have been most truthful in this blog.
Too bad that I was not able to save all my posts because I do not know or I think I lost my USB where I saved my posts.

Anyways, I know that I have to build content if I want to monetize this blog.
Or, maybe just keep it as my online diary.

Feb 14

Bought Hongkong Tickets

Valentine’s Day!

I am on vacation leave–as I always do each year!

Well, I finally was able to purchase our plane tickets going to Hongkong for the Disneyland Visit I promised my son.

The flight is on May 30, 2018. Still very far and I have time to save for everything that we will need.


Jan 20

The worst thing to fight about is money

The worst thing to fight about is money. It seems very hurtful. I have known many people who have separated because of money. That is why, I really try to avoid this. As I have matured these years, I have learned to be more careful in my words and thoughts so that bad ones will not be turned into action. I will just be at the losing end because of course, I do not want to have enemies because of money matters and eventually lose someone. My husband already lost a friend because of that. Well, it is not my husband who fought that person. The one who is indebted to us just walked away and lost contact. It is sad because we lost Thousand of Dollars which we could have used for the future of our son or maybe pay for our own debts or maybe use it for leisure. Most importantly, we lost a friend.

Mar 25

Young kids play guitar like a Pro

It is weekend once again! Yey! I hope to catch some good watch be it some TV shows or maybe a movie marathon or a series marathon. Last Saturday was enjoyable as there was the grand finals of a musical contest in one of the noontime shows. The young kids, around 14-19 years old already played musical instruments like professionals.

Mar 16

Fire Drill

My co-worker who is also my friend posted in our Viber Group last night that there will be a Fire Drill in the office today. Well, supposedly, I should be excused because of my Left Ankle Sprain but I just do not want to argue or explain myself or justify so I just went out early and I am now lounging in one of the coffee shops near the office. I will not be able to do some office work because I really cannot concentrate here. The coffee shop is at the lobby. It is very open.

Feb 17

The Content Delivery Platform Turnover Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Platform Manager? Yes, now, I think I can say that. I enjoyed this job for more than a year and a half but I am now assigned to a new task so I have to leave this and turn it over to the new Platform Manager.

How does I feel with the change? Mixed emotions, I guess. Well, some say that I am happy because it was really a tough a job in terms of managing the clients. The solutioning part and execution are not much that hard because it is on us already. It was the elaboration part with the rest of the stakeholders that really drained me.

Anyways, I conducted a turnover session this afternoon. There were around eleven people who attended the meeting so it was sort of fruitful and I can say successful. I saw that they were apt for the challenge of the new task. That is good. That is good for the Company.

Now, the hand holding shall start and the final letting go shall happen soon!

Feb 17

Pleasant to his ears

Past Twelve Midnight and Hubby and I are still awake. We are here at the dining area as he is having his coffee because it is very cold here in our town. He told me that we should talk or bond since we have not seen each other the whole day since breakfast. Well, as usual, music talk and now it is moog minitaur! Well, all I can do is agree because I understand his passion for anything that makes sound that is pleasant to his ears.

Feb 11

So I Cried

I learned last Tuesday that I will be reporting to another Junior Product Manager and not directly to our Manager as I understood when our Department Head talked to me. Well, I contained my self and just went to the Chapel to pray and cried out to God what is in my heart.

Come Wednesday, it was another story. I did not know how the conversation started but our Department Head and my current Immediate Head were talking about the re-org. So, I asked our DH why he transferred me to another Junior Product Manager. Well, he did not taught of the reporting line but he said that it was his decision for me to put in the group and particular task because I am needed there and I will shine there. The usual standard spiel of a leader who says what the staff would like to hear. I told him that the job is okay with me and I know that I will be good. However, I need continuity and guidance and someone who will push me to the top since I have been a victim of re-orgs thus my career was sort of put to a stop. He told me that it’s on him. I resigned to the fact that I can do nothing anymore. Tears fell down from eyes because I did not get what I want, hahaha! Yes, I can laugh at it now.

I just have to do my best and leave it all up to God. I must trust Him since He is good all the time!

Feb 06

Versace on the Floor by Bruno Mars

I love Bruno Mars! Well, I am influenced by my husband who is more musical than me. According to my husband Bruno sings like Michael Jackson.

I first heard of Versace on the Floor in the Carpool Karaoke Featuring Bruno. It was upbeat and sexy, very Bruno Mars. I did not focus on the lyrics then. All I know is that it is an upbeat song sang by Bruno which is a good song.

Then, one of my FB friends posted a video of his four year old daughter, singing Versace on the Floor. It said that it’s the current fave of his daughter and the Mom has yet to explain what does the song mean.

What does the song mean? Is it okay for a four year old to sing this? I watched a morning show featuring two local artists who created their version of Versace on the Floor. While they were singing, the lyrics were being flashed on the screen.

Versace on the Floor is a very real song about two lovers and how they express their passionate love for each other. Not for four year olds maybe but c’mon, Bruno is an artist. Consider the song as a nude painting by a famous artist.


Feb 04

What Makes Me Happy Today

I am thinking of creating another blog with this title- What Makes Me Happy Today. Well, I am inspired by a book I stumbled upon while trying to do blog hop to increase my traffic as you know, I decided to really go back to blogging. I have this talent of blabbering thru print- hahaha- so why not make use of it, right?

The book I am talking about is “The Happiness Equation”. I am about to read it today but I need to just stop for a while because I need to do some cooking first and of course, write this post.

What Makes Me Happy Today? Well, first, it is a Saturday! That alone makes me happy as it should be a no pressure day, right? Everybody loves the weekend, right?

I was able to do some physical activity already- finished 6K steps. 4K to go!
Breakfast with Hubby done- it is sort of our bonding.
I was able to update some blogs.
And, yes, maybe some more hours of sleep within the day!
Who could be happier, right?

Happy weekend to all!
I hope that you will also be as joyful as I am now!