Jan 25

Thinking of ways to save more money

Yes, I am thinking of ways to save more money right now. Well, what are my first steps? Here, at home, of course!
1. List down all expenses and how much- of course there should be a baseline or starting point. I plan to start tomorrow. 🙂
2. Make an inventory of existing supplies:
A. Toiletries
B. Canned goods
C. Rice
D. Meat
E. Condiments
…and other things…
From here, I think I can already save some Pesos if only I can also strategize on using them or what brand should I buy.
3. Of course, my favorite thing to do is to look for promo offers! Example: Shampoo plus free bottle of conditioner- though I think that is not totally free but offered at a lower price only. That is why some promos just put “save as much as a particular amount” rather than saying that it is a free offer.

For now, these are the things that I can think of.
I shall go back here for some update on the progress and maybe record here my inventory of our existing supplies. 🙂

Dec 03

Love Affair with the Strings

Whenever w go to the mall, there is a place that we make as our meeting place in case that our phone batteries got drained and there is no way for us to get in touch with each other. Where else but at guitar center! Well, I am outnumbered because I have tow boys and I am the only girl in the family. Anyways, we do not find guitars only at the guitar center. There are other musical instruments too. Have I mentioned that I know how to play the banduria? It is just that, I do not like to rekindle that love affair with the strings because I do not want the banduria to be like the ukelele that we bought last time. What happened? No one plays it anymore. I decided to just start learn playing that since we already purchased that one. So, ukelele first, then maybe, banduria again in the future.

Dec 03

I Can Hear Your Voice

Have I mentioned here that my addiction to Korean Dramas have not yet ended? I think my longest addiction ever. The latest in my list is I CAN HEAR YOUR VOICE. I love this drama! This stars Lee Jong Suk! I was able to encounter him in Pinocchio and I think he is more superb in this old drama. He has the ability to read minds here. He fell in love with a lawyer who is older than him. I guarantee that when you watch this drama, it will really be worth your while.

Dec 03

Just what we need

Maybe it is the dynaflex powerball that we need? Well, we the office workers who types everyday. Do not forget the musicians, specifically those that use their fingers or hands for their instruments. Imagine a small thing that is not burdensome yet it does wonders! I am really glad to have found this. I will definitely grab one for myself and I think this will be a great gift for my friends this Christmas as well.

Dec 03

Then they say I told you so

Then they say I told you so.. I really do not like it. All those finger pointing and all. Well, someone has to be accountable for it, that is why? Well, yes… but please react to it in a more logical manner, right? What I am talking about here? Another office scene. A production issue that occur but was arrested immediately. Well, it is for the tech team to say that, of course. Anyways, it is hard if someone is closed minded about it already even if the investigation already clearly shows what happened.

Nov 14

The difference between a job and a career

The difference between a job and a career. Well, this new Head of the Marketing Department told this to his subordinates. I think this makes sense but it hurts. Well, the truth hurts, right?

I do not want to have self pity but indeed, I think I only have a job but not a career? I know that I will not become an executive in the company where I am right now. Is it because I do not work hard or I just do not care? Maybe I do not really have goals or am I just contented? You know, three times a day meal, merienda, eat whatever you like, shelter, a little money–simple things. I think that I am still blessed and even more blessed than the others? Why pressure myself, right?

One thing, I know I can still improve and it is not too late to iron some wrinkles.

Nov 07

I am anonymous

Sometimes, when you want to vent out–you would like to vent out anonymously. Well, how can there be traffic if you do not advertise your blog or ask your friends to visit? The only thing that you need to avoid is to write about them, right? Well, that is the downside especially if your blog is a personal one and your outlet to feel better when you are down.

Nov 02

For record purposes

I am writing this post for record purposes. Funny, but really, I am already forgetful nowadays. I even want everything to be in naked glass or transparent containers so that I can see everything.

Anyways, it is a rainy day today and I am on vacation leave. It is my fifth day in the house since Saturday as Monday and Tuesday were Holidays. I planned to do many things the past five days but I think I only accomplished two things considering that it is almost 5PM already and the day is about to end. Well, I was able to wash clothes and iron some of my office clothes. I was also able to pay the rent in the cemetery where my brother was laid to rest. Imagine, my last payment was 2011 based on the records. I could not really remember. Anyways, thus, this post. I paid for 2012-2016 already so I hope next year, I will only pay the regular yearly rent.

Nov 02

Implementation Errors

Well, I supposed to write about the All Soul’s Day and my experience today in going to the cemetery but I could not get this out of my mind so I have to write it down.

There are things that we missed in the Project Delivery–be it out of scope or we were not able to include it in the assessment thus Prod issues arise. Is it really the fault of the Business Analyst?
I usually blame myself for all these things. Yes, I am a Business Analyst. I think there should really be no room for error. Is there such a thing as Perfect?

There is a team in our Department who always look for someone who is accountable for the error. I think it is okay. Someone should really take the blame for everybody to move forward.

Sep 16

Simple happiness

This time, a mulit? Well, so be it, I told my husband. We only live once so why not buy all the things that you want? Anyways, simple happiness really matters. Yes, it is not that expensive too but the joy that it would give my husband is priceless.

I really do not understand why I should be thrifty at times. Well, what am I saving for? I guess, I should just live a healthy lifestyle so that I would not spend much in medical expenses in the future. Given that, I can buy simple things or even bigger ones!