Apr 03

I am not insured anymore

I got the check today! I am not insured anymore! Oh, please, nobody kill me!

The day started fine. I created this blog. This is actually my post for the day. The first one was just an introduction.

I woke up at around 7Am. Actually at around 6AM, I was already awake since my son has to go to school. I got up at around 7AM. Hubs prepared pandesal with liver spread. I skipped COFFEE. Yeah, no coffee for me today. I did not report for work. I am on vacation leave. I make it a point to take a day off at least once a month aside from my usual rest days.

I began washing the clothes while doing EC drop for my other blogs. Yes, I have other blogs. You will find out soon!

At around 1015Am, my son already arrived from school. He asked for hotdogs! Thank you to microwave cooking. In three minutes, we were all eating hotdogs and pandesal from breakfast. Hubs also bought our favorite soda from the nearby sari-sari store.

We had lunch at around 1AM. After that I began preparing to go to the insurance company where I already surrendered my plan. Yes, I needed the money. Before, we did not know yet what to do with it but after the Typhoon Ondoy that left fear in our hearts, we are decided to use the money for the construction of the second floor of our house.

At around 3PM, I finally got the check. No hurt feelings. I need it. So, I called my husband and asked him to meet me at our favorite panciteria. I went first to the parlor for my pedicure. Wow, first time in years! I think my last pedicure was when my friend got married and that was two years ago? Oh, MY!

At around 6PM, we were having our dinner already. Pancit con lechon, lumpiang shanghai and fried rice. We had Royal Tru-Orange for our beverage. After the hearty meal, we dropped by the nearby grocery store to buy cup cakes for our son’s daily snack in school. As usual, he never forgot his favorite sweet and sour flavored green chips.

Finally we reached home. Time for some bonding while watching TV. After our favorite telenovelas, I decided to call it a day and here I am…

By the way, other highlights of the day were my son’s test papers! Good grades! I am satisfied with his grades this time. His lowest was 85% and you know what subject? LANGUAGE! To think that my son is English speaking, huh! He got a perfect score in three subjects, namely Math, Science and Reading. I wonder if mhy son will be a Scientist someday. As you know, Math is exact science.

Bye for now and til next time. I know I still have November 1 and 2 to write about.

Mar 14

End of Day

As usual at 6AM the clock already tried to wake us all up with its alarm. My son has to drink his bottle of milk then take a bath that early huh! As usual school time! I chose to cuddle the pillow and curl up on bed. Hey, it was a rainy morning! Bed weather, it is. My husband kept on bugging me to get up as I have to go to the bank to deposit the check that I got yesterday.

I finally got up at ten Am. I have to go to the office and be there at 12 PM. I washed the dishes first. Yes, plates since lunch time of yesterday. Imagine that! Finally, I left home at around ten thirty AM.

I arrived at the office on time. Around 1158PM, I guess. I opened my e-mail and there was a report that I processed a task wrongly. That got through me until 7PM before it was finally lifted. I processed it correctly, of course!

I took dinner at around 530 PM at Red Ribbon. I love the Salisbury steak with mashed potato and extra rice. There was Cookies and Cream cake for dessert. I also ate Asado bun. Four Seasons delmonte juice for the beverage. It was a full dinner. Actually, that was my first meal for the day.

Finally, it was 9PM. Time to go? NOT! I still have to send the end of day report. Whoa! It took me two hours to gather all the data and finally send the report thru a text message.

I arrived home at 12 AM. I ate three hotdogs and carbonara.

I guess, I have to call it a day!

Mar 10

Newly colored hair

It is my rest day today! I fought for this day. Well, somehow. I really wanted a rest day today. Well, I do not like to work five straight days in a week. I am not used to it. Ironically, I would be applying for a 9-6 job and if I will be accepted, I have to work five straight days. Anyways, more to that in the coming days if it will be pursued.

As usual, the day started when the phone’s alarm rang. It was time to get up for my son and take a bath for his classes. I also got up. I just wanted to.

After my son’s classes, we went to the bank. It is pay day today! I paid some bills. Then off we went to the mall. Hubs bought a new shaver. I was able to buy another pink undergarment for my bossom. Now, I have three pairs with the same color and design. My son begged for marbles. Lunch was at Jollibee. The usual chickenjoy and extra rice satisfied our stomach. Dinner? We had pizza from Pizza Hut.

My friend called me when I was still in the mall. She told me about the new developments in the office. I am in hot water again. Apparently, my boss thinks that I am asking almost everyone to go out and apply to another group. I did not do that of course. In the first place, I was asked to apply and I did not have any intent at all to leave as of the moment. I am waiting for the PA. Salary is more important to me now than any prestige. After all, I work hard for the money. I work hard so that I could put food at the table. I work hard so that when my son asks me to give him milk, I will be able to. I do not work for anybody else. All I am doing is for my family. That is why, I pray hard too. I ask God to provide. I ask Him to make me a better person. I ask for His strength… for me to be able to always make it each day. I actually lift everything to Him. Lord, kaw na po bahala sa mga Boss ko! I claim it now!

Well, because of that, I decided to dye my hair, all black. I want to look good tomorrow with no flaws at all. My friend said that our Boss would like to talk to me. Wish me luck, guys!

Mar 03

Savoring every drop

Yahoo! Finally, I made the first step. Yes, I plan to create a diary of my daily encounters. each day, there must be a highlight. You know, we must strive to live life to the fullest. Life is short.

I realized that I must reflect everyday. What transpired? Was it all worth it or is it just another day? I supposedly start this last November 1. However, I got sick thus I was not able to really put my efforts into it plus so many other reasons. Anyways, I am going to still write about the past days. You know, at least they are still fresh in my mind. I could still recount everything that happened the past days.