Tag: beauty

Feb 27

Wrap it

Beauty industry is a big business here in our country. One thing that has been booming is cosmetic surgery and beautification in different methods like by using slimming body wraps. If you go here in our country, you will see big billboards featuring these cosmetic clinics. Funny, my friend is considering liposuction. She is not …

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Nov 20

Beautiful and fair skinned

One of my friend’s colleagues will be transferring here at our office effective December 15. They actually stayed for the company for almost fifteen years already thus they were offered a retirement package at the same time another job offer for them. Not bad at all because at least they will still be doing the …

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Oct 21

Dark not pink

I prefer a dark circle around my eyes rather than the pink eye that I am having right now. At least, dark circles are not contagious and will be improved by putting on make up or to eventually remove it, by putting some cream. I can still go to the office, unlike the pink eye …

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Sep 15

Looking older than my real age

Would you believe that somebody asked me if I were already at the menopausal stage? I really got alarmed by that! Do I look that old to her already or there is something wrong in her eyes? I took it positively though. Hey, I really do not see myself the way others see me thus …

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Jul 02

I lost some pounds!

Wohoo! I lost some pounds. Well, I might attribute it to the just finished monthly visitor. You know, women ovulate and bloat during the menstrual cycle. Okay, I tried doing some exercise and food intake control. The first three days were successful. But just when that crash diet was done, I already gave in to …

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