Proud Mommy

I am really a proud Mom. My son is growing up to be a very witty child. Well, at his young age, he thinks of ways to earn money already. His intentions are still selfish though. Well, ask him why he want money and he will tell you that he wants to get that memebrship for his online game club.

So, what are the businesses that my son proposed? Oh, so many to mention like buy and sell of inkjet ink cartridges, selling food like barbeque and I do not know if I had mentioned it here already, he wanted to build a church! No, he does not want to be a priest. :)

Areas to maintain

I wonder if our collections departmen studied about ACH Origination. Well, there have been may projects about collections and still sometimes, the collections fail. Now, we have to check where is the area that we need to concentrate on to improve the collections. What is the cost and benefit or maintaining this and that.

It is sometimes or it is really hard to have a business, I just realized. It is challenging.


Payment systems

When we think of a business, one of the most important things that we should consider is the income or the profit, right? Well, that is the main essence why you go into a business in the first place, to earn.

I think that one of the most successful businesses is retail or selling. Well, in all forms like goods and services alike. You sell, you get your money, if your business has this all forms of payment systems. That is where ach payment will enter. Your business should have its automated clearing house.

Wrap it

Beauty industry is a big business here in our country. One thing that has been booming is cosmetic surgery and beautification in different methods like by using slimming body wraps. If you go here in our country, you will see big billboards featuring these cosmetic clinics. Funny, my friend is considering liposuction. She is not that big at 5’5 and 130 lbs! I say that it is funny because of the way she delivered her intention thru e-mail! But, if I will be given the chance, I shall go for those wraps first.

Everybody is into business

My husband is thinking of taking up an online business degree. The expenses are increasing and the prices of goods are getting higher and higher while our income is not changing a bit. We do not want to get into a deadlock in the future thus maybe through an education and eventually being able to apply it or for him to land a good job, our future will be more secure.

Why take an online business degree? Well, online because it is more convenient. Business degree because we think that every company is a business and he will definitely have lot of options after graduation.

Fashion business for her

Believe it or not, I am considering retail jobs. Well, everybody buys, right? Everybody needs something. One of my friends is actually thinking to put up her own fashion line. Big dream, huh! Not at all. Why? Well, she has always been to fashion all her life. It is just that, she is the one who buys. :). This time, she will be the one to sell. As of me, I might study the ins and outs of retailing first.


There are already some stands in the mall with cigars. The sales person there is equipped with cigars info to convince consumers to try their product and eventually convert them to a follower or a loyal one at that.

The image that I see when I think of cigars is that of a rich businessman, somewhat old already, reading a newspaper and having some coffee. Yes, I saw that in the movies!