New Beginnings

Each day is a new beginning.
We might think sometimes that everything seems usual or you do an ordinary routine but if you do contemplate, each day is different from the other. You might be able to meet new people. You might be able to try new restaurant. You think of different things. You might meet new friends. You might have a new job.

Today, I am quite sad…a friend of mine has tendered her resignation and she will really leave the company already/. We have been teammates for two years and we are really close now. Anyways, she wanted to try a new beginning. I hope that she will get her fulfillment and the happiness she is looking for.

When everybody is sleeping

Well, I need someone to talk to…to listen to me…to comfort me…to assure me that everything will be alright. Blame it to the traffic that I got home and both my boys are already sleeping when I arrived home…Well, it can wait til tomorrow…I can still manage.

To celebrate or not to celebrate

Sometimes it is just good to keep things to yourself. It is a sign of humility. I am really thankful that day by day, I learn to do that. There are days that I am still this proud woman but I got to contemplate at the end of the day and just pray that I will not make the same sin again.

So, what is up with the title? Well, I have no right to claim or to brag about anything but I am just thankful to God that I got upgraded and yes, that means a salary increase. Would you believe that I learned about that news since June 22? Well, I have to be discreet about it as consideration for others. There was a new or sort of “implemented” old policy regarding salary increase. I am blessed to have movement thus I am not affected this year.

So, how did I celebrate? I just praise the Lord for this wonderful blessing and told my husband about it. Now, I am telling all of you. This blog is sort of my personal journal and it really gets as personal as it can get in terms of what I write.

All Honor and Glory Be To God for this wonderful blessing!


What do I like to write today? I committed an error. However, with the grace of God, the error did not affect anyone but me. Well, I cannot really divulge the details here because it is confidential.

I thank God today for His blessing. For making me feel His Holy Spirit, reminding me to be more humble and kinder in my ways. I am not great. I can commit errors that maybe some people will take against me–I wholeheartedly accept the error. I ask forgiveness and I think I need to forgive myself as well.

My resume at a glance

Now, I am a Product Manager! Note: Title of the job/ job description only but I am just a Supervisor in employment level and salary.
Well, I have evolved!
I want to write about the jobs that I have been to for me to be able to earn money.
1. House errands from parents, any elderly that gives money in return for easy commands- like buying something from the store, cleaning the house, taking care of the puppy, baby sitting and the like.

2. Selling old notebooks

3. Selling old clothes

4. Secretary at my Dad’s Law Office

5. Service Crew of a Food Chain (Jollibee)

6. Server at a 3 Star Hotel

7. Sales Person at a Construction Supplies Store

8. Purchasing Officer at a Construction Company and All Around Secretary

9. Customer Service- Call Center

10. Customer Service- Billing Disputes Department

11. Customer Service- Social Media Department

12. Blogger on the Side

13. Business Analyst- CRM

14. Business Analyst/ Program Manager- Billing

15. Platform Manager/ Product Manager/Business Analyst/ Program Manager- Value Added Services

16. Product Manager- Load and Trade

The Content Delivery Platform Turnover Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Platform Manager? Yes, now, I think I can say that. I enjoyed this job for more than a year and a half but I am now assigned to a new task so I have to leave this and turn it over to the new Platform Manager.

How does I feel with the change? Mixed emotions, I guess. Well, some say that I am happy because it was really a tough a job in terms of managing the clients. The solutioning part and execution are not much that hard because it is on us already. It was the elaboration part with the rest of the stakeholders that really drained me.

Anyways, I conducted a turnover session this afternoon. There were around eleven people who attended the meeting so it was sort of fruitful and I can say successful. I saw that they were apt for the challenge of the new task. That is good. That is good for the Company.

Now, the hand holding shall start and the final letting go shall happen soon!

So I Cried

I learned last Tuesday that I will be reporting to another Junior Product Manager and not directly to our Manager as I understood when our Department Head talked to me. Well, I contained my self and just went to the Chapel to pray and cried out to God what is in my heart.

Come Wednesday, it was another story. I did not know how the conversation started but our Department Head and my current Immediate Head were talking about the re-org. So, I asked our DH why he transferred me to another Junior Product Manager. Well, he did not taught of the reporting line but he said that it was his decision for me to put in the group and particular task because I am needed there and I will shine there. The usual standard spiel of a leader who says what the staff would like to hear. I told him that the job is okay with me and I know that I will be good. However, I need continuity and guidance and someone who will push me to the top since I have been a victim of re-orgs thus my career was sort of put to a stop. He told me that it’s on him. I resigned to the fact that I can do nothing anymore. Tears fell down from eyes because I did not get what I want, hahaha! Yes, I can laugh at it now.

I just have to do my best and leave it all up to God. I must trust Him since He is good all the time!