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Mar 25

My resume at a glance

Revisiting my previous posts–and I was able to save only upto 2017 of my blog. I wanted to publish this exactly a year after. Would you believe that there will be another role to be added to the list? Well, there is an on-going re-org happening again in our department. Well, Change is good, right? …

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Feb 17

The Content Delivery Platform Turnover Part 1

Have I mentioned that I am a Platform Manager? Yes, now, I think I can say that. I enjoyed this job for more than a year and a half but I am now assigned to a new task so I have to leave this and turn it over to the new Platform Manager. How does …

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Feb 11

So I Cried

I learned last Tuesday that I will be reporting to another Junior Product Manager and not directly to our Manager as I understood when our Department Head talked to me. Well, I contained my self and just went to the Chapel to pray and cried out to God what is in my heart. Come Wednesday, …

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Dec 03

Then they say I told you so

Then they say I told you so.. I really do not like it. All those finger pointing and all. Well, someone has to be accountable for it, that is why? Well, yes… but please react to it in a more logical manner, right? What I am talking about here? Another office scene. A production issue …

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Nov 14

The difference between a job and a career

The difference between a job and a career. Well, this new Head of the Marketing Department told this to his subordinates. I think this makes sense but it hurts. Well, the truth hurts, right? I do not want to have self pity but indeed, I think I only have a job but not a career? …

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May 19

The Letter of Intent

I finally made the first step to leave the department I currently belong to. I passed a letter of intent to transfer to another team. My immediate superior approved the transfer form on the condition that I will be allowed to leave once there is already someone to replace me and I have turned over …

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Feb 07

The IT Head

I encountered another concern in the development of our Project. I feel depressed and I think that I am to blame. I do not express it of course but rather in a declarative manner, always as taught in the books on how to bring up some issues, let it not be in a negative way …

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Dec 05

Are you a mentor or a boss?

I like chit-chat time after work. You know, talking anything and everything under the sun. You can go from serious to non-sense talks just to have the company of co-workers or to catch up even for just a while before calling the day and off to home. Yesterday, the conversation was a bit serious about …

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Nov 13

Control the passion

Sometimes I think I need to control my passion. I have to be as cool as others. No, not complacent but just keeping things cool. I do not want to be a push over or someone that everybody hates! Well, I am talking about my work. Yesterday, during a technical assessment meeting, I lost control …

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Oct 20

Changed E-mail Signature

Today I changed my e-mail signature. Finally! Well, it is not that I do not have time for it but I do not know…there are just some things that we tend to set aside sometimes. Anyways, I was forced to transfer to another group. I am still with the IT department but to a different …

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