Mommy Santa

Oh, my friend, Mia is almost done with her christmas gifts for kids! I totally envy her! I wish I have the time. Let me list down first all the kids that have been good all throughout the year. Yes, I am Mommy Santa and they better be good or they do not get their Christmas wish! :)

Kidding aside, I really have to start with my shopping! Anyways, I know that I have less worries these days of internet shopping, huh!

Toy surprise

Wow! I overheard, take note, huh, not eavesdropped…:) Anyways, I overheard from the cubicle where I was that time from one of my office mates at the wash room that her son received his wish this Christmas. Her son’s godfather gave him the xbox that he has been asking from them for so long! Her son was indeed very happy upon opening that box! What a surprise!

My son did receive what he wished for too! I wonder what will be next?

Oh, by the way, Happy New Year to all!

Practical, lovely, forever

I saw nice birthstone jewelry sets on sale at my favorite mall. I plan to buy three sets for my three nieces. I also plan to have one for myself. Now, I just have to make sure what stones are for December, March, October and April. You bet, those are our birth months! That gave me an idea! I will make it a tradition to just give jewelry to all my female love ones! I think that it is practical, something a woman really loves and I guess something that will last for a long period of time.


Chill. I learned to do that. You know, keep cool about things. Just like this Christmas, I did not pressure myself that much. No big preparation for the Christmas dinner. Maybe we will just go out tomorrow and give in to our kid’s requests. As usual, we will go to the mall. We will buy him some toys and clothes.


Big plants, outdoor lighting, tables, chairs, food, wine, what else? I am preparing for our Christmas party. Yes, I want something intimate by the garden. I am excited for it. Well, no worries with food because I will only buy from my favorite restaurant. Though to cook spaghetti is always an option, I think it will be tiring for all of us since we want to rest also during the holidays. The time that we will spend cooking, we can spend bonding. :)