Tag: cravings

Jan 25

Another attempt to weight loss

It is the time of the year again. I weighed myself yesterday and the scale read 176.4 lbs without clothes. Imagine that! The last time I remember I was only 168lbs! The lowest was actually 166lbs for a day! Hahahaha! I attempted to go on a diet yesterday but then again, there was my cravings. …

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Nov 27

Baked chips and sour cream

The craving never stops. What is in me? I have given in to all my cravings the past few days as if I will die any minute. Well, now I have to deal with it.¬† Anyways, my friend introduced me to sour cream in a very healthy manner. We used it as dip for carrot¬† …

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Aug 25

Hotdog Omelet for dinner

On my way home last night, I was lucky to have a companion. Yes, there are a few persons from the office who live in the same town as I am. If we have the same schedule then we can go home together. It was raining and quite late already. Do you know what we …

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May 06

Bed weather

It was raining hard. Certainly a bed weather. Well, yes, I spent almost the whole day, sleeping. At around 6PM, the day seemed just to start. I washed my son’s uniforms. For dinner, I craved for fried milk fish belly. We ended up having grilled milk fish with lots of tomatoes and onions. It was …

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Apr 16

Bank rules

We just had our dinner. Another thing that I am craving for the longest time. Corned tuna! Actually, I had a taste of it last Wednesday when my office mate opened a can for his light dinner. Well, I wanted more. So today, I decided to buy cans of it. Yes, I bought three big …

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