Another attempt to weight loss

It is the time of the year again. I weighed myself yesterday and the scale read 176.4 lbs without clothes. Imagine that! The last time I remember I was only 168lbs! The lowest was actually 166lbs for a day! Hahahaha! I attempted to go on a diet yesterday but then again, there was my cravings. I was sort of constipated thus I craved for peanut butter and chocolate peanut candies. I was able to finish a cup of M&Ms! I did not have rice! 😉

Today, my husband’s birthday, I prepared his favorite SPAM, ate nuggets at McDonald’s and I do not know what is for dinner as we are going to the mall. I am convincing myself to only have a slice of cake. Wish me luck!

So, what will happen to the dieting? It will start tomorrow! 😉

Baked chips and sour cream

The craving never stops. What is in me? I have given in to all my cravings the past few days as if I will die any minute. Well, now I have to deal with it.  Anyways, my friend introduced me to sour cream in a very healthy manner. We used it as dip for carrot  and cucumber sticks. So, I went to the nearby grocery store and got my own cup. Then I passed by the chips section! For a less guilty choice, I got baked chips! Yummy!

Hotdog Omelet for dinner

On my way home last night, I was lucky to have a companion. Yes, there are a few persons from the office who live in the same town as I am. If we have the same schedule then we can go home together. It was raining and quite late already. Do you know what we talked about the whole duration of the ride? Food! I told my office mate that I hope when I get home, dinner is prepared already! She told me to give my husband a call or text so that I will not be disappointed. I did call my husband when I was near home already and I was disappointed! No food yet. Thanks to easy to cook eggs and hotdogs! It was Hotdog Omelet for dinner!

Bed weather

It was raining hard. Certainly a bed weather. Well, yes, I spent almost the whole day, sleeping. At around 6PM, the day seemed just to start. I washed my son’s uniforms.

For dinner, I craved for fried milk fish belly. We ended up having grilled milk fish with lots of tomatoes and onions. It was brought from the market. There are vendors there that sell grilled fishes. Only in the Philippines? It turned out that what my husband bought was still half cooked. That somehow spoiled the supposed enjoyable dinner. After seeing some fish blood, I told Hubs to put the fish first in the microwave so that it will be fully cooked.

We called it a day at around 11PM. Sleeping time once again.

Bank rules

We just had our dinner. Another thing that I am craving for the longest time. Corned tuna! Actually, I had a taste of it last Wednesday when my office mate opened a can for his light dinner. Well, I wanted more. So today, I decided to buy cans of it. Yes, I bought three big cans. The one can was finished at dinner. I think my intestines are stil trying to absorb the fish. I bought Fit and right Pineapple juice too! The dinner was good.

Today is sort of a busy day for me. We went to the bank to deposit the check. The banker told me that I could not deposit it to my husband’s account because the check is under my name. I could not do anything about it. I just deposited it to my payroll account. Bank rules…

After the groceries, I washed some clothes again. Mainly my jeans. I washed five pairs. I still plan to iron clothes that we are going to use for the next few days until my next rest day but that will depend if I still have the energy. I must condition my mind first.

To be honest, I would like to watch my favorite TV show already. Grey’s Anatomy. I watch it online every Friday. Good thing, my schedule tomorrow is not that early. However, as usual, son wakes up at 6AM.

Bye for now and till the next days to come.