Contemplating on buying another domain

I actually spent an hour or two thinking of a new website name. I plan to create yet another blog but on second thoughts, I realized I just need to build this one with content.

I met a few “hard-core” of sort bloggers yesterday and they inspired me. They are really visible in the world wide web and their websites have great content. I asked myself, how to be like them…

Well, I guess, it will really take a lot of hardwork. Am I ready again? Okay, I tried buying- I almost did-but then again, I backed out. Hahaha!

My final decision–No Go!

I will just build this website.

Big decision

When you are not happy anymore with what you are doing, you stop and think back. You ask yourself, what should I really be doing right now?

Choosing a career is one of the big decisions you have to make in life. Yes, there are always chances that you change that from time to time but that would not really be a good thing. I got thinking about this as I see so many graduates again and many employment ads asking them to apply and make their first step towards real life.

I could still remember when I was in their shoes. In College, I wore white as my daily outfit. Yes, medical uniforms! I took a medical allied course. I can actually be a doctor if I wanted to or if I still had that madness to study. Anyways, it just got me thinking… I guess, I really have to make that turn again.