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Apr 17

Deadly Diabetes

Deadly Diabetes! Indeed! I know, I know. It was me. My own wrongdoing. I ate a lot! I enjoyed it. Now, I have to answer for it. I got the deadly diabetes. What to do? Stop eating? Start exercising? What to do? What to do?

Jul 15

You are already Diabetic and here is a box of Metformin for you

You are already Diabetic. That’s the endocrinologist’s conclusion after seeing my lab results. I tried to deny it. I am still in that stage. Anyways, I was given Metformin. The pharmacist gave me 120 pcs for a 60 day supply. Well, I was given a little hope that if my next lab results will show …

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Jul 09

The diagnosis is Diabetes

Is it the Diabetes? Yes, I am diagnosed to have high blood sugar. As I have mentioned in my last post, I have not been feeling well lately. The whole month of June until first week of July and actually until now, I feel that I am not in my normal pink of health. Last …

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