The No Rice Diet

I am on my 14th day of no rice diet. Well, I have not lost much weight since I am not really depriving myself of food and carbohydrates. I just eliminated RICE.

Tomorrow, I plan to eliminate more carbs as I think I really need to take this diet to the next level. That is after lazing around for four days.

Successful Day 1

It is another day for me. I woke up, I went to the dressing room—yes, I call it dressing room because it is not actually a walk in closet. It was our old bedroom/now storage area/dressing area. There was my weighing scale. Would you believe that I weigh every day? Anyways, I got my heaviest at 84.5kilos. I am worried and at the same time decided that I must get serious with my dieting… You may say…again? Yes, if you would search this blog, there are many posts about my first day of dieting and epic fail, as my son would put it.

So, what happened to my first day of diet—February 17, 2015?

Starting weight: 84.5 kilograms.

I could say that I have half success. I ate all throughout the day. I tried following the 3 day diet and ate half slice wheat bread with two teaspoons of peanut butter for breakfast. I had black coffee too.   That’s the only thing I was able to follow.

It is Chinese New year on Feb. 19 and our Chinese co-worker brought fried tikoy! I indulged! I got hungry thus I ate half of  my tuna sandwich. That was my lunch plus a glass of green tea.

In the afternoon, my friend who I have not seen for a long time dropped by so we had a late afternoon snack of Potato Fries, Fried Siomai, Fried Crablets and Boiled egg for me. I also ate the remaining half of my tuna sandwich.

What’s for dinner?  I was able to reach home by 9:30PM. There was Chicken Afritada and White Rice. I was so tempted. I opened the fridge and drank a glass of cold water and decided to go to bed.

So, I would say that it could pass as a successful Day 1 for me. I did not eat rice. It’s the start.

I woke up today and my weight was 83.9. I lost 0.5 kilo. Not bad? Let us see what will happen today. I need all the luck and all the determination in the world.

New motto

Yes, I love omega 3 foods! I always have a pack with me be it in crackers or other kind of foods. Tuna is also rich with Omega 3, I think and I love Tuna too! So, who says that diet can be boring? Just think about being health that goes with eating the right kind of food! Eat right and you will never go wrong! Yes, that is my motto from now on!

How about you? Do you eat healthy? Start now!

Salad and Tuna

Eat salad and Tuna three times a day and that is 720 calories only! Well, it says that 200 g of romaine is only 120 calries. Add a can of tuna which is also around 120 calries. You have 240 calories per meal! However, isn’t it lonely?

Anyways, I really do not plan to totally deprive myself. Though, I need to. Hahaha!

So, today I weighed 79 kilos! I really do not understand how I can lose 1.4 kilos in one day. Is that even possible? Let us see tomorrow!

Gained 2 kilos in Five Days

Gained 2 kilos in Five Days! Wah!!! That is the result of eating almost or more than 5K calories per day?
I was 78.4 kilos last July 25. But then again, somebody treated us free lunch! Then in the afternoon, there was cake! I ate cake again and some salad dinner time! I was 79.7 kilos the next day! Well, it was again cheat day! Somebody brought us to Chili’s! I think I ate 10K calories that day! I stopped the counting. I also brought chicken dinner time. July 27, a Saturday! The usual breakfast in our favorite fastfood restaurant of hotdog, eggs and pancakes! I even had Pretzel Sundae and Soda! Come lunch time, I ate a lot again as we attended a party! Lots of pork and carbo and sweets! I even bought dozens of donuts for dinner! July 28, Sunday! Well, I cooked fried rice, eggs and adobo! We had complete meals and merienda. Come Monday, July 29, I tried to control. I got dizzy though. I ate dinner- full one! Rice and half a kilo of fried chicken!

So, today, I decided to step on the weighing scale once again. I saw 80.4 kilos! Well, a consolation that my weight last July 1 was 82.6 kilos? Maintaining the 4 lbs lost? Well, it could just be water content. So, I am back to the diet wagon once again. I hope that I will be able to really stick to it and avoid temptations! But… our wedding anniversary falls on the second week of August! Eating time once again August 8-11 within thos days! Oh, no!

Easy to gain but hard to lose

I have been eating almost 5K calories daily! Yes, it is possible. As long as you get consciuos, you will find out that you can. Well, the last that I counted as of yesterda is yes, almost 5K. Today, I stopped counting. Well, I ate so many sweets thus on that, I think I already consumed almost 5K calories. It is true that it is easy to gain the pounds back but very hard to lose.

Enjoyed breakfast?

Here am I so early in the office. I am tempted to ask my immediate lead if she will approve if I will have early sked again today. Oh, but I think I am not that productive in an 8-5 sked. Well, you know, still sleepy. So, I just enjoyed my breakfast: coffee, 1 piece whaet bread with peanut butter… Well, I could not really convince myself in saying that I am enjoying this breakfast. Hahahaha! Yes, I am on a diet again. Imagine that, huh!