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Nov 01

The flute

The moment he wakes up, he would go to the bathroom and wash his face and brush his teeth, and then gets his flute to practice and practice until it is time for him to drink his milk, and then he would practice again. Then, the dream baloon was popped and I am back to …

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Oct 26

Reviewing for Math exam

I am helping my son review for his Math exam tomorrow. It was fun as I learned estimation once again. At first I did not understand. Well, my son asked me why. Oh, I just opened the computer and asked Google, huh! So, we were able to finish reviewing in one hour. Thank you for …

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Jun 30

Make the decision

My supervisor asked me to look at her left hand. She said that she felt something was wrong. She knows that I took up Physical Therapy in College thus she wanted me to sort of treat her. I told her that there was nothing wrong with her hand because it was not inflamed and she …

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Jun 10

Socializing with co-parents

I gave my co-parent a call, or is that the right term for the Mom of my son’s classmate? I asked about school supplies. Oh, it is late already I know but it is just that the budget for school supplies is not yet actually here? Haha! I really do not worry much anymore as …

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Oct 02

No to multitasking?

Still on the book, Successful Time Management for Dummies by Dirk Zeller, I learned to concentrate on one thing at a time. He said that Multitasking is not advisable. Well, maybe, I took it word for word again as I tried to avoid multitasking in the past week since I have read the book summary …

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Apr 16

Learn Chinese

I love Chinese food. I also have Chinese friends. Now, I want to learn Chinese language. I am glad that there are free lessons in the internet. Just a while ago, I was able to learn some words in Chinese. Well, just in passing though. Not that serious yet. I am just happy that if …

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Jan 09

Everybody is into business

My husband is thinking of taking up an online business degree. The expenses are increasing and the prices of goods are getting higher and higher while our income is not changing a bit. We do not want to get into a deadlock in the future thus maybe through an education and eventually being able to …

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Oct 12


It is a Tuesday and it feels like a Monday. That means that I have to go back to work today. The back pain is gone thus here I am already back to blogging. And in a little while, back to my usual routine of being an office person. Well, I still feel lazy or …

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Jul 14

Electricity restored!

Finally, after almost 24 hours of no light, no electric fan, no TV, no computer, I am back! Thank you for leaving typhoon Basyang! Thank you for coming also if it means that you were able to fill up the dams that will help generation of electricity become smooth. I thought that there will be …

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Apr 03

I am not insured anymore

I got the check today! I am not insured anymore! Oh, please, nobody kill me! The day started fine. I created this blog. This is actually my post for the day. The first one was just an introduction. I woke up at around 7Am. Actually at around 6AM, I was already awake since my son …

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