Violins and Cellos

I love a new show about a doctor who is somehow not confident about herself most of the time. Good thing that inside the operating room, she has all the confidence that she does not have when it comes to her talents and skills and her social relationships.

The recent episode featured her birthday and she played a musical instrument. Many brought gifts and maybe some of those could be inexpensive violin strings? Well, no, it should be for a Cello! I wonder if violin and cello have the same strings?

Kris Aquino texting during the show?

I am watching Pilipinas Got Talent. I love Kris Aquino and Ai-ai. I noticed that whenever there is a chance, Kris is texting? Well, why not, right? Anyways, her judging and watching is already done whenever she does that. Anyways, it is me, the strict one again. I am just thinking that maybe, we should not use our phone at work? Well, what would be the purpose of having a mobile phone then?

American Idol Season 12

American Idol marathon. That sort of comprised of what I did the whole day. Well, it was 2PM to 7PM in ETC. From the top 20 to the announcement of the top 10. I think the show is somewhat boring. The top ten boys and girls, no one really stands out if to compare with the talents of the previous season… or maybe because there is no Filipino to route for? Well, for the girls, only two faces are new. Angie and Kree. I think they are the top two contenders also for the crown. Well, both are judges’ favorites. Also, both are white. I just do not know or am not sure about Angie if she has black roots. Then the rest of the girls are repeaters or those that have joined the previous seasons and were booted out. Well, I heard that Phillip Phillips was a repeater too? Who knows who would really win? As Ryan says, it is in the hands of Americans to vote for their American Idol.

Temperature: Normal

So, he American Idol Fever is finally over. Temperature: Normal. Oh, the winner, P2 is topping the I-Tunes charts, USA and Canada- the reason why he won, huh! Well, I think Jessica’s fans are waiting for her real single and not those songs that she was made to sing. The duet with Jennifer Holliday would be forever be an epic, though. Not for listening only but for watching–so with YouTube and free downloads, why buy?

Anyways, as a Filipino, and with the same surname as Jessica Sanchez, I sooo wanted her to win. As they say, everybody loves a winner! Well, yes, I love P2 too! If Jessica was not in the competition, surely I could have predicted him as the winner.

Did you know that it is one idol finale that I did not watch? Except for the epic duet, I just did not watch all the other performances. That is new as I do watch AI replays more than ten times.

What is the ending?

I really suck in watching telenovelas. Well, before I reality make it a point to watch every episode or sort of have a marathon. But then again, when I get bored after five episodes or a little more, I just watch the last two episodes. That’s what I did last night though I slept at around 4AM already. I was trying to watch every episode of 49 days then I got bored. But then again, I did not stop until I finished the show and saw what happened to the main characters.

49 days is being shown at ABS CBN2 right now and is titled Pure Love.