A strong personality but a kind soul

I already know what to give to my favorite co-worker! I will give her meditation cushions. She recently posted about the prayers that they recite during their yoga classes. Pretty cool! Well, yes, she is into yoga. She is an inspiring lady with brains and good character. A strong personality yet with a kind soul. It is obvious that she inspires me, huh!

20 kilos to lose

Okay. I am at my heaviest of 83 kilos. That is even heavier than my nine months pregnant weight! I weighed in and it said 82.7 kilos, so that meant I drank not too much water yesterday. Well, I took the diet coffee and did some walking– from trying to reach Makati riding and transferring from one vehicle to another.

Anyways, of course, I shall lose the weight. I miss my 63 kilos which is still overweight. I know that I can do it. All these weight came from Holiday eating and chocolates, I suppose. From yoyo diet also and lack of exercise.

Wish me luck! Now, 20 kilos to lose!

I walked and lost 136 calories but gained 1200

I walked and lost 136 calories but gained 1200. Haha! I was telling my husband that it was hard keeping off those pounds. He told me that if it was easy then many people would just eat and eat and run and run. Exercise is really hard unless you love it, right? Anyways, love is not at all easy, so maybe, I will just try to fall in love with exercise. 😉

Big Feat!

So, I paid P200. Lost 400PhP again in the biggest loser program! It is okay as I lost 5.7lbs! Well, I know that it will be hard to maintain though. Anyways, I would like to declare that I am 162.8 or 163lbs as of today. ..errr this morning, around 10AM as I have not taken water since last night upto that time. Considering that I played badminton for almost 30 minutes and one hour of light aerobics, I did not drink water. So, yes, it could be water weight, the 2 lbs difference. I am actually still at 165lbs, I guess. So, ready to lose more money? Yes, I agreed again for the maintenance of that 163lbs! Well, my target weight is actually, 160lbs at least by the end of June. I wish to be 140 by the end of the year 2012. Big feat,huh!

Badminton last Thursday!

I am really happy that I was finally able to play Badminton again last Thursday! That was such a long time already since my last game. Yes, I think more than 15 years ago! Imagine that! Well, I am not a Pro but I can hit the ball and run a few! Yes, I am very good in picking it up too! Well, especially that we have a real pro as a playmate huh!

Badminton again this Tuesday? The downside in playing with a big group is you cannot play all the time! :) Hahaha! Fine with me though. I think I will not last straight play of one hour anyways! Leave it to the younger ones!

My top five reasons

I have this e-mail subscription about health and diet and it really motivates me, you know. Well, yes, I am not yet the right person to brag about anything because I have not succeeded yet but that is why I need something or someone to push me and motivate me.

Today, the article is about ways to stay motivated. First as always is what is your reason for dieting. So what are my reasons?
1. Better looks- yes, I want to get better looks or better figure, at that.
2. Shop smaller clothes or be able to shop clothes that I really like- it always pains me whenever I could not buy the clothes that I want just because there is no available size for me.
3. Health- well, yes, it should be my number one or first reason or maybe the sole reason for losing weight, right?
4. Money- as you know, there is a contest in the office which I joined and I invested in. There was an entrance fee to join the contest. That is for the prize for the winner. I sure want to win that prize. It is P8,500.
5. Confidence- I must say that I am not that confident whenever I am in the crowd of slimmer and more beautiful and equally intelligent people. I am not shy though but maybe I am just not that too confident or feel at par with them

Top 5 reasons must be enough for me to stay on track? Stick to my goals?

Oh, I have to record, I am 168.8 lbs today but I pigged out twice this week! One last Tuesday and another yesterday. I plan to eat less and keep walking at least 20 minutes a day. I hope that would be enough for me to lose ten pounds by the end of March 2012… and yes, no more pigging out!

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds!

Yo-yoed back to 172.4 pounds! I feel so heavy and bloated. The eating started Wednesday night. Five nights only and I gained back almost five pounds! Imagine that! What are my excuses this time? Plain laziness, I guess! And, oh, yeah, I must admit, the STRESS. There is a scientific explanation for that, right? Where is my determination? It is here, inside my heart….

Well, I realized that I can only exercise or go on a diet when I am at the office or during working days. There is the discipline of just taking shake and tea for lunch. There is the regular five minute walk a few blocks going to the office plus the five to six flight of stairs- going up and going down. Then there is the use of the brain cells that actually consumes much energy, I guess. More importantly, the support system from my friends who are also into dieting.

Blame it on the long weekend, then. 😉