What do I like to write today? I committed an error. However, with the grace of God, the error did not affect anyone but me. Well, I cannot really divulge the details here because it is confidential.

I thank God today for His blessing. For making me feel His Holy Spirit, reminding me to be more humble and kinder in my ways. I am not great. I can commit errors that maybe some people will take against me–I wholeheartedly accept the error. I ask forgiveness and I think I need to forgive myself as well.

Counting my blessings

First, I would like to praise God for everything. We should really count our blessings, big and small. There are a lot of things to be thankful for. I myself consider myself as blessed for everything that I have now. I have my son and my husband. We have our home. Our God provisions for our daily needs and much more. Yes, sometimes, there are trials but still, it can also be a blessing since it makes us strong in the end.

I feel so many things lately. Well, ageing and not a so healthy lifestyle gets me here. It is all my fault. Thank God, thru prayers and His Great Love, I know that He will always comfort me. All I need is to whisper a prayer and sing a song of praise and I will feel okay.

Thank You, God!

Monday wishes

It is Monday once again! I pray that I will have the energy to do all my tasks. I hope that I am done with all the side effects of the medications that I am taking. I hope that I am not diabetic anymore–if and if it is possible. Anyways, there are really lot of things to do in the office. Oh, God, please help me to prioritize. Give me wisdom. Let me be able to interact with my co-workers with joy and respect. I really wish that I will be able to start the week with a bang. Please bless me with good health, oh Lord.

Ate kilos of Salmon

It has been a great week, I suppose. I wanted to lift it all UP TO GOD!
I started my Monday depressed from a sulking weekend! I mentioned in my previous post, the IT HEAD what I discovered. I already expected the outcome of that but then again, I sought God’s intervention. I would say the He listened to me as all of the issues were already resolved.

So, came Friday, our R n R day! Well, performers would be recognized and I was hoping to be recognized? Well, I just know that I perform to the best of my ability but I felt out of place and unwanted. Another bad feeling to welcome the weekend? Oh, I succeeded punishing myself.

Today is Saturday, Valentine’s day.
We went out for Lunch to eat kilos of Salmon! Literally!

The Gift Of Sleep

I thank my friend David for giving me a book that will guide my day. It is called THE DAILY BREAD. I actually stopped reading last Jan. 8 so I needed to read from Jan. 8 to Jan. 13, today! I am really blessed by the passages there and one thing I learned today is the gift of sleep. Yes, God wants us to have proper rest. From now on, I will make sure that our family gets enough sleep.

When you cannot trust anyone including yourself

Whoa! I really miss blogging! What’s up? Well, I am assigned to a new task. I mean.. I was given an additional task by the BOSSES!

I am in dilemma right now and I really do not know what to do. I know that God is here to help me. When you cannot trust anyone anymore including yourself, God is here.