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Feb 14

Bought Hongkong Tickets

Valentine’s Day! I am on vacation leave–as I always do each year! Well, I finally was able to purchase our plane tickets going to Hongkong for the Disneyland Visit I promised my son. The flight is on May 30, 2018. Still very far and I have time to save for everything that we will need. …

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Mar 13

Dad’s memory

Music. Why is there a music subject in school? That is because, music is essential. Life is music, others will say. Music is one of my favorite subjects before. Yes, during my elementary days. It happened that my Aunt is a piano teacher. I got it from her. All her kids are musically inclined too. …

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Oct 26

Security funds

As much as I do not want to think about it, I know that everyone will come to death. Morbid as it seems but it is the cycle of life and death. To complete, there must be an end. It frightens me because my child is still very young. You know, who will take care …

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Jun 12

Grandest time with family

It is Independence day! No classes for kids, no work for parents. Just home, chilling around, watching TV and having the grandset time with the family. Well, started breakfast with hot choco latte! We ate the bread with butter and in no time breakfast was gone! Now, time for some TV! Later, some movies!

Dec 14

Happy Eight Birthday To My Son

I just want to share some pics during the birthday celebration of my son! I might post this in my other blog dedicated to him but I would like to post it here also since this blog is about every drop of my life. My son turned Eight! I am so proud of my son …

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Oct 16

I do not want a heart attack

When I get bad… I am badder… Now, that’s how bad I am… Kidding aside, sometimes, we tend to be bad or show off those little horns hiding inside our heads. We do not want to get a heart attack hiding our real feelings so we SNAP!… Oh, it was a Saturday morning and I …

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Oct 13

A mystery

What is it about blood types? They say that a child should have at least the same blood type either of his mother or father. If ever the child has a different blood type, then maybe, he is somebody else’s child. Is there anything true about it or is it just a myth? Do we …

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May 22

Not in sync again?

Not in sync again? Family life has always been challenging to me. Married life, per se, is number one. Second, being a mother and a responsible one. Then, there is the career life or working non-stop just to feed your family. Complaining? Not really. It is just that, there are times that you really wanted …

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Apr 16

Return the favor

One of my cousins used to work as a Captain. Yes, he romanced the seas! Too bad, he encountered a Maritime accident. They say that it was traumatic brain injury. Luckily, he was able to survive it but somehow, his behavior is already affected in not so good way. He could not go back to …

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Apr 03

Not close enough

They say that you should not discuss financial matters or else you will definitely end up in a fight. Well, that happened to me yesterday. I had no choice but to discuss it especially when you are the sole person earning for your family. The bad thing was he did not understand. I really do …

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