More than ten pounds in one week!

Yes, here am I once again talking about my diet. I stopped stepping on the weighing scale once again. Well, what for? I know that I weigh pretty much the same or even heavier than before when I was in that 170 plus pounds mark. What went wrong? Stress eating maybe…

My husband and I were joking about our situation the past two weeks. We were sort of really broke…well, crashed and crushed you may say. So, what we did, we ate all the good food. We told ourselves, “wala ka na ngang pera, gulay pa kinakain mo.” Haha! Transalation? You do not have money and you are eating vegetables? The more you will feel pity… of course we were just joking. My husband does not really like vegetables that much. Moreso, he said that the more that he will really feel down if he will not eat meat. So, we went for Chicken and Pork.

 Then about my diet, he asked me or told me, “ang dami mong kinakain, akala ko ba diet ka?” Transalation: You are eating too much, I thought you are on a diet? I told him, “wala ka na ngang pera, gutom ka pa”. Haha! You do not have enough money and you are starving yourself to death? And so… I gained more than ten pounds in one week!

So, time to go back to the plan. My aim this June is 160 lbs. Can I still do it in less than three weeks? Wish me luck!

Diet investment

I am calling this post: Diet Investment.big grin

How much have you spent already for your diet or to get fit?

As of me, I think I spent a lot already? Oh, I could still remember one of my colleagues saying that she needs her money back because she had taken that shake for one year! I computed and that is more than one hundred thousand pesos already! day dreaming

I have not kept track of everything that I spent for my diet.

I can only track what I spent last month or I should begin tracking this already and maybe, Vicky Belo is right, liposuction is way much cheaper. 😉

So for this month:

P 2040 for 22 days of Herbalife shake and tea in the office
P 322.50 10 days supposed to be weekend shake for the whole month
P 200 for diet coffee
P 150 for diet tea
Total: 2712.50

Hmmm…. if I enrolled in a gym- it will only be P1000 per month. Now it got me thinking. thinking

How about you? How much have you spent already or your budget for diet?

Tell me about your diet investment.

Savings for old age

Security of tenure is one of the things or employment benefit that any person who works hard is looking for. That includes me. However, if you are going to look at it or analyze things, it is not really that you are getting a benefit but it is you who are actually saving for it. I realized that because I can see both sides of the story. You know, they say that there is security of tenure if you work in a government owned company compared to working in a private one. But then again, salary is still higher in a private company. What to do to compensate for the loss of a more concrete retirement benefit if you belong in a private company? I suggest that you get deferred annuities. Yes, it is like an insurance policy but the purpose is for you to be able to save for your old age or if you do not have somebody to give you salary in a regular basis. In short, if you want to still live life to the fullest even if you are old already and sort of jobless, then take advantage of what you have now and invest in insurance or any other venture that you think will be successful.

For my second family

I am planning to treat my team mates on my birthday. Well, it always pay to be nice, right? However, I am short of cash and this kind of expense is really out of the budget. Well, thank you to payday loans! The interest is low that is why, that little sacrifice will do good. It is encouraged to have good relationship with co-workers since they are like family already. If you have not computed the number hours that you spend at work versus the number of hours you spend inside your house, then you will agree with me.

Not close enough

They say that you should not discuss financial matters or else you will definitely end up in a fight. Well, that happened to me yesterday. I had no choice but to discuss it especially when you are the sole person earning for your family. The bad thing was he did not understand.

I really do not like to further expound on this as this is very personal already. One thing I learned, even the closest person to you do not really know you that well.Maybe, he is not that close enough.

Bank rules

We just had our dinner. Another thing that I am craving for the longest time. Corned tuna! Actually, I had a taste of it last Wednesday when my office mate opened a can for his light dinner. Well, I wanted more. So today, I decided to buy cans of it. Yes, I bought three big cans. The one can was finished at dinner. I think my intestines are stil trying to absorb the fish. I bought Fit and right Pineapple juice too! The dinner was good.

Today is sort of a busy day for me. We went to the bank to deposit the check. The banker told me that I could not deposit it to my husband’s account because the check is under my name. I could not do anything about it. I just deposited it to my payroll account. Bank rules…

After the groceries, I washed some clothes again. Mainly my jeans. I washed five pairs. I still plan to iron clothes that we are going to use for the next few days until my next rest day but that will depend if I still have the energy. I must condition my mind first.

To be honest, I would like to watch my favorite TV show already. Grey’s Anatomy. I watch it online every Friday. Good thing, my schedule tomorrow is not that early. However, as usual, son wakes up at 6AM.

Bye for now and till the next days to come.

I am not insured anymore

I got the check today! I am not insured anymore! Oh, please, nobody kill me!

The day started fine. I created this blog. This is actually my post for the day. The first one was just an introduction.

I woke up at around 7Am. Actually at around 6AM, I was already awake since my son has to go to school. I got up at around 7AM. Hubs prepared pandesal with liver spread. I skipped COFFEE. Yeah, no coffee for me today. I did not report for work. I am on vacation leave. I make it a point to take a day off at least once a month aside from my usual rest days.

I began washing the clothes while doing EC drop for my other blogs. Yes, I have other blogs. You will find out soon!

At around 1015Am, my son already arrived from school. He asked for hotdogs! Thank you to microwave cooking. In three minutes, we were all eating hotdogs and pandesal from breakfast. Hubs also bought our favorite soda from the nearby sari-sari store.

We had lunch at around 1AM. After that I began preparing to go to the insurance company where I already surrendered my plan. Yes, I needed the money. Before, we did not know yet what to do with it but after the Typhoon Ondoy that left fear in our hearts, we are decided to use the money for the construction of the second floor of our house.

At around 3PM, I finally got the check. No hurt feelings. I need it. So, I called my husband and asked him to meet me at our favorite panciteria. I went first to the parlor for my pedicure. Wow, first time in years! I think my last pedicure was when my friend got married and that was two years ago? Oh, MY!

At around 6PM, we were having our dinner already. Pancit con lechon, lumpiang shanghai and fried rice. We had Royal Tru-Orange for our beverage. After the hearty meal, we dropped by the nearby grocery store to buy cup cakes for our son’s daily snack in school. As usual, he never forgot his favorite sweet and sour flavored green chips.

Finally we reached home. Time for some bonding while watching TV. After our favorite telenovelas, I decided to call it a day and here I am…

By the way, other highlights of the day were my son’s test papers! Good grades! I am satisfied with his grades this time. His lowest was 85% and you know what subject? LANGUAGE! To think that my son is English speaking, huh! He got a perfect score in three subjects, namely Math, Science and Reading. I wonder if mhy son will be a Scientist someday. As you know, Math is exact science.

Bye for now and til next time. I know I still have November 1 and 2 to write about.