I craved for mangoes and peaches but was given a spread on the supposed waffle sandwich with those fillings

It’s time for lunch again so we went to the neighbor building to buy salad!
Yes, you read it—Salad!
Well, I had a heavy breakfast of fried rice with egg and sausage so I do not deserve another heavy meal.
I bought Chicken Salad but I was craving for some dessert. Hello, Diabetic!!!!
Anyways, I gave in as the Ad of the waffle sandwich overflowing with peaches and mango filling was enticing.
To my dismay, no fruits but just flavored syrup spread! Gone was my P45—around a dollar for that very untruthful advertising.

Midnight Meal

I am literally having a midnight meal. Well, my meals time are really erratic. I know I need to change it. Maybe tomorrow? Well, I need to wake up early and my day early as well. I really hope to stick with my schedule.

Successful Day 1

It is another day for me. I woke up, I went to the dressing room—yes, I call it dressing room because it is not actually a walk in closet. It was our old bedroom/now storage area/dressing area. There was my weighing scale. Would you believe that I weigh every day? Anyways, I got my heaviest at 84.5kilos. I am worried and at the same time decided that I must get serious with my dieting… You may say…again? Yes, if you would search this blog, there are many posts about my first day of dieting and epic fail, as my son would put it.

So, what happened to my first day of diet—February 17, 2015?

Starting weight: 84.5 kilograms.

I could say that I have half success. I ate all throughout the day. I tried following the 3 day diet and ate half slice wheat bread with two teaspoons of peanut butter for breakfast. I had black coffee too.   That’s the only thing I was able to follow.

It is Chinese New year on Feb. 19 and our Chinese co-worker brought fried tikoy! I indulged! I got hungry thus I ate half of  my tuna sandwich. That was my lunch plus a glass of green tea.

In the afternoon, my friend who I have not seen for a long time dropped by so we had a late afternoon snack of Potato Fries, Fried Siomai, Fried Crablets and Boiled egg for me. I also ate the remaining half of my tuna sandwich.

What’s for dinner?  I was able to reach home by 9:30PM. There was Chicken Afritada and White Rice. I was so tempted. I opened the fridge and drank a glass of cold water and decided to go to bed.

So, I would say that it could pass as a successful Day 1 for me. I did not eat rice. It’s the start.

I woke up today and my weight was 83.9. I lost 0.5 kilo. Not bad? Let us see what will happen today. I need all the luck and all the determination in the world.

Ate kilos of Salmon

It has been a great week, I suppose. I wanted to lift it all UP TO GOD!
I started my Monday depressed from a sulking weekend! I mentioned in my previous post, the IT HEAD what I discovered. I already expected the outcome of that but then again, I sought God’s intervention. I would say the He listened to me as all of the issues were already resolved.

So, came Friday, our R n R day! Well, performers would be recognized and I was hoping to be recognized? Well, I just know that I perform to the best of my ability but I felt out of place and unwanted. Another bad feeling to welcome the weekend? Oh, I succeeded punishing myself.

Today is Saturday, Valentine’s day.
We went out for Lunch to eat kilos of Salmon! Literally!

Cravings satisfied

I craved for Pizza today! Well, as I mentioned in my previous post, I am on PMS. My LMP was Dec. 26. Anyways, my favorite restaurant for Pizzas is SHAKEYs! So, I dialled 77-777 and placed my order. Pizza Castellana it is! Well, it has been our favorite flavor of sort. :) I have a Shakeys Card that entitles me to a buy one take one deal for every pizza ordered. I also ordered MOJOs for my son.

I actually had 4 boxes today. Thank you to the Hotline of Shakeys for hearing out a customer’s plea. The agent was not able to ask me if I prefer thin crust or hand tossed. So, they delivered a new set since my order was already in process when I called them to verify if I was able to order the hand tossed one. It’s free!!!

So, cravings satisfied!

Crunchy Apple

Crunchy apple, that’s my breakfast. I needed to eat that because my husband bought it for me three days ago. Crunchy, crunchy indeed! In time for the unveiling of the new Apple mobile phones! Crunchy deals! I am tempted to get those colorful I-phoneCs! How about you?

My husband is singing for Iphone 5s. Well, that’s been long overdue. Yes, I will buy him one! I am just waiting for it to be released by the Telco where I am working in right now! I could not afford cash payment so let me avail of the company’s installment plan. :)

Salad and Tuna

Eat salad and Tuna three times a day and that is 720 calories only! Well, it says that 200 g of romaine is only 120 calries. Add a can of tuna which is also around 120 calries. You have 240 calories per meal! However, isn’t it lonely?

Anyways, I really do not plan to totally deprive myself. Though, I need to. Hahaha!

So, today I weighed 79 kilos! I really do not understand how I can lose 1.4 kilos in one day. Is that even possible? Let us see tomorrow!