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Jun 12

Thank you to Grace

My good friend, Grace talked about broil king grills and her grilled diet. Yes, she said that she would like to continue grilling all her foods rather than frying it. I think that it is a great idea. My husband bought a portable grill and we used it for a month or two until we …

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May 08

Check and replace as needed

It is real hot this Summer. Actually, rainy season is almost here, supposedly, but it is still hot. The last time I read in my mobile phone’s weather update, it was 29 degrees! Imagine that! That is why, the cat-back system of my friend’s car needs checking. I really do not know when she would …

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Jul 16

My friend and her travels

My friend posted her summer vacation pictures. They have really been enjoying summer since day 1! Well, this friend of mine really loves to travel. That is one thing I would like to do also. Just a while ago, I was on chat with her and she had so many stories. The Mom in her …

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Jan 09

Fashion business for her

Believe it or not, I am considering retail jobs. Well, everybody buys, right? Everybody needs something. One of my friends is actually thinking to put up her own fashion line. Big dream, huh! Not at all. Why? Well, she has always been to fashion all her life. It is just that, she is the one …

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Nov 27

Diet plans

It is not only me who is into diet. Almost all of my friends are! I found another diet plan named nutrisystem. I am sure that if one of my friends will learn about it, she will definitely try it too! Yes, she likes trying diet plans. I do also but sometimes, I do not …

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Nov 20

Beautiful and fair skinned

One of my friend’s colleagues will be transferring here at our office effective December 15. They actually stayed for the company for almost fifteen years already thus they were offered a retirement package at the same time another job offer for them. Not bad at all because at least they will still be doing the …

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Sep 19

Could not concentrate

Haaayyyy… could not concentrate because I need to speak with my friend. She sent me a text message last night and she said that she has something to tell me. I was already asleep as early as 9PM just after eating dinner, thus I was not able to read her message. I called her an …

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